Lands End - to the West and South

Published: April 27th 2009
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Lands End is one of my favorite places to visit for fantastic views. Today I went back so that I could take the coastal trail from the Lincoln Park golf course area around to the West and South all the way to the Cliff House, overlooking the Pacific and Ocean Beach.

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Inbound FreighterInbound Freighter
Inbound Freighter

At this point the ship is still outside the Golden Gate, moving East toward it.
Interesting Scenic OverlookInteresting Scenic Overlook
Interesting Scenic Overlook

Kind of a window rock out there.
Looking SouthLooking South
Looking South

Cliff House is there on the Left.
Obsolete StairsObsolete Stairs
Obsolete Stairs

You are not allowed to even attempt these. Not sure what purpose these would have served in the past, maybe to allow passengers onto smaller boats?
Cliff HouseCliff House
Cliff House

You can begin to get an idea of the view they must have on the Western windows in Cliff House. There are also three floors of dining inside.
From Clilff House looking NorthFrom Clilff House looking North
From Clilff House looking North

Not sure of that body of water there on the right.
Looking SouthLooking South
Looking South

Past Cliff House to Ocean Beach below.
Ocean BeachOcean Beach
Ocean Beach

Pretty wide and deep beach. In certain parts of the beach, you can have a campfire going. Might not be all that enjoyable though as it is typically windy along this stretch of beach.
Big RocksBig Rocks
Big Rocks

Due to crumbling cliffs I presume.
Cruise ShipCruise Ship
Cruise Ship

Beyond the Golden Gate now, heading for very open water.
Outbound FreighterOutbound Freighter
Outbound Freighter

Pretty wild how some of these ships choose to navigate so close to that left upright area. Must be deeper water over that way.
Yet Another Outbound FreighterYet Another Outbound Freighter
Yet Another Outbound Freighter

The gate was pretty busy for about 20 minutes today.
Maersk SealandMaersk Sealand
Maersk Sealand

Lets hope this wasn't the Maersk Alabama in happier times, with a future date with destiny off the coast of Somalia a few weeks later.

The last freighter now also outside the gate on its way to open waters.

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