Lands End

Published: April 15th 2009
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View from Golf Car PathView from Golf Car PathView from Golf Car Path

In Lincoln Park golf course still. On the path down to the Coastal Trail from here.
It was a fairly clear day so I decided to go back to Lands End and walk the coastal trail from the Lincoln Park golf course area, through the very affluent Sea-Cliff neighborhood where Robin Williams lives, then onto Baker Beach.

I got a little bit lost in the Sea-Cliff neighborhood on the way to Baker Beach, as did a couple of Au Paires from France. One of them was from Toulouse and said I absolutely must visit there at some point. I think they were quite happy with their assignment in the Bay area, as a friend of theirs ended up somewhere in Texas and they were thinking they got a much better deal. They were on a one year stint, and when that was finished, were to be back to their studies in France.

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Eastern EntranceEastern Entrance
Eastern Entrance

The fancy Sea-Cliff neighborhood is to the right.

Well, thank you for the warning, but I am going to go check it out there to the left anyway.
Looking East toward Baker BeachLooking East toward Baker Beach
Looking East toward Baker Beach

The trail is no big deal at this point.
Clear view of the Golden GateClear view of the Golden Gate
Clear view of the Golden Gate

It was a very clear day. You can see Angel Island on the far side of the right upright of the bridge.
Whoa that's steepWhoa that's steep
Whoa that's steep

Pretty sheer cliff face. You wouldn't want to be hanging around this area in high winds.
Coastal TrailCoastal Trail
Coastal Trail

Continuing to make my way East.
Cool Fishing SpotCool Fishing Spot
Cool Fishing Spot

See the two fishermen in the picture?
Now you can see themNow you can see them
Now you can see them

Not quite sure how easy it was to get down there, but imagine it will be tricky getting back up to the trail as well.
Oh ok, now you tell meOh ok, now you tell me
Oh ok, now you tell me

About 10 feet on the other side of that sign, you could fall to your death with a mis-step. They mean it. In high winds, you don't belong on the other side of that sign in any way.
Another cool vantage pointAnother cool vantage point
Another cool vantage point

Looking mostly West.
Windblown TreeWindblown Tree
Windblown Tree

This tree must just get pummeled by the wind on a regular basis.
Deadman's PointDeadman's Point
Deadman's Point

Of course people don't heed the other warnings. That's why you have to be close enough to this sign to read it. It was totally fine where I was taking this picture from. Of course, on windy days, it might be well advised to not be that close even.
China Beach, Sea-Cliff, and Baker BeachChina Beach, Sea-Cliff, and Baker Beach
China Beach, Sea-Cliff, and Baker Beach

China Beach is that middle one, with Baker Beach on the far side.

Ok, upon closer inspection this is just a house Cat.
Looking West across Lands EndLooking West across Lands End
Looking West across Lands End

A ton of natural beauty here. I like this place pretty much as much as I liked Point Reyes and Point Lobos. Very cool country.
Fancy home in Sea-CliffFancy home in Sea-Cliff
Fancy home in Sea-Cliff

Robin Williams lives somewhere in this neighborhood.
828 El Camino Del Mar828 El Camino Del Mar
828 El Camino Del Mar

This place must have some amazing views.
Sea-Cliff ShackSea-Cliff Shack
Sea-Cliff Shack

Some other very cool accommodations.

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