My Journey to Singapore

Published: January 9th 2009
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I had to get a picture of one of these
I left Jacksonville at 6:03am on Monday Jan 5th. It was 7:03pm in Singapore at the time. I flew to Houston, Tx where I was supposed to connect to San Franciso. The connection was delayed due to a bad weather backup in San Francisco. We finally got there 70 minutes behind schedule. Unfortunately I needed those 70 minutes to get on my next plane. Missed it. So there I was stuck in SFO with nothing to do but smell the sour milk stain the was setting in to my jeans and shirt (the girl next to me wanted me to get up so she could use the restroom while I was eating my "Continental" breakfast). I was told by the Singapore Air staff to come back at 8 to see if I could make the midnight flight through Hong Kong to Singapore. It didn't seem like I had a great chance but I would give it a shot.

In the meantime, I had nothing to do and was in a city I'd never been to. I checked my carry-on and boarded the BART to head into downotwn San Fran! I walked around and saw more than a few shops and parks. I thought I might get a preview for the eastern cuisine in Chinatown. I had a few Sapporo's and some sushi. Having a few more hours to kill, I walked into another small bar. I randomly eneded up next to two GT alumni and chatted with them for a while. A few Black & Tan's later, I had made some new friends and was then on my way to catch a plane!

I lucked out they found me a spot. That was all I needed, I let the black & tan do the rest. As soon as we lifted off, I was out. It was 12:00am Pacific. I had been traveling for 21 hours and my journey had just started!

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Sorry babe, I didn't go in.
Chinatown MealChinatown Meal
Chinatown Meal

2 Sapporo and sushi...well what's left of it
Black & TanBlack & Tan
Black & Tan

One of the 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 I had. Thanks Tarp and Earl!
Tarp & EarlTarp & Earl
Tarp & Earl

The GT Alumni I met at a San Fransisco bar.

On my way back to SFO
My VesselMy Vessel
My Vessel

The 747 that carried me from San Fransisco to Singapore!

9th January 2009

You didn't go in?
Haha, I got more than I wanted for Chirstmas sweetheart, so I guess I can't be mad that you didn't make it into Tiffany's in San Francisco...I still love you. :) And i'm glad you're getting good use out of your Christmas present! Talk to you soon babe!
9th January 2009

Love that smile!
That's my boy, always a smile on your face. love the pics! Need to ask how do we add Grandma Shirley to this? Her email is She would love to see this. Mom
12th January 2009

glad to hear from you, Mark!!
How exciting==today is Monday 12 Jan and snowing in Colorado Springs. Your uncle Dan is going to be working in Pueblo on a Union project so he is staying with us for awhile. What you are doing is a chance of the life time and we are so very proud of you!! Love Bill and Grandma Shirley

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