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Published: April 28th 2019
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Now this is just crazy! What is wrong with us? I am guilty of this too!

Number of minutes each day, sixty one, that women in the United States spend eating and drinking. (American men spend slightly more time). The U.S. was dead last among the 30 major countries surveyed in the Organization for Economic Co-Operation & Development’s Time-Use Database. The French spend more than twice as long—eating and drinking for a good 130 minutes each day.

Obviously, this is not the case in many countries, like many European and South American countries. Eating tends to be very social, family time, and a great chance to catch up on each person's activities. Busy, hectic countries England, Japan, and China tend to have even quicker meals than here in the U.S.

Adding alcohol to the meal obviously adds time and socialization to the meal. And of course, we tend to take more time when we go out, as opposed to staying home. I notice that people who eat in bars tend to stay longer, perhaps more to drink than eat.

When we were kids, we had to be at the dinner table at 6pm sharp. And we could not leave until we emptied our plate, and rinsed it in the sink for the dishwasher. My how the world has changed since then!!!

I am as guilty as anyone when it comes to eating quickly. The same goes for my first glass of beer or champagne. I am always first in line for my second drink. But after that, I am merely mortal.

PS: This email received many interesting comments. Most agree with me, that we eat too fast, particularly the Asian countries.

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