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After a crazy weekend in Vegas we headed for the tranquility of Yosemite National Park. We firstly hiked around the forest looking at all the Secoya trees, the biggest trees in the world and took some photos before heading to camp. In the morning we had a free day in the park. Faye and I decided that instead of spending the whole day doing one hike up to a waterfall, we'd hike up to see Mirror lake, something I wanted to see having been to Lake Louise when it was frozen. Then from there we'd do a smaller waterfall hike and then chill out over a coffee! Mirror lake was stunning. It literally did mirror the mountains in the water as it was so still. Faye and I then spent some time taking some stupid photos ... read more
Amy in a Tree!
Changing the Sails!
Golden Gate Bridge

SAN FRANCISCO! Our first family vacation that we actually flew with all four of us on a planned trip. My wife, Patty, son Carson (8) and daughter, Carleigh (5) thoroughly enjoyed every minute of our trip. San Francisco is so beautiful with tons to do and see. The weather was ideal during our week. We took this trip in June 2005. We found our hotel online, Travel Lodge Golden Gate on Lombard street within walking distance of Fisherman's Wharf area. We made a great choice. The price was reasonable and the room was fine for our family which didn't spend much time at the hotel anyway. The location was great. We rented a Ford Explorer because we knew we would drive around the city and to several spots outside the city. We spent $1000 for four ... read more
Bread at Boudin's
Family Pic at Yosemite entrance

Well Saturday was a dapper day, joined a tour journey of very nice people to go first round San Fran, I've seen Mrs Doubtfire's house (no not Colin Montgomery) and went up to the Muir Woods, was hilarious watching the Americans stress out on the walk as it took us some ooh 15 minutes into the woods, bless. The afternoon was a salad days avo of wine tasting tours and good food sampling, it will be no surprise that I stuck to sampling rather than buying. The bonus at the end was the guide took us up the Marin Hills right above the GG Bridge and some amazing pics were taken, sadly my new camera was not taking pics but a very nice couple from south wales obliged with theirs and have promised to email it ... read more
Homewood Winery, Sonona Valley
Wine Tour Group
Golden Gate Boy

Hey guys! Heres our trip out to alcatraz! It was cool, it was just like in tony hawks 4 lol. The pictures of the food are of when I personally put the all you can eat seafood buffet place out of buisness! Also went to this amazing sweet place - scroll down for pics of the trip.... read more
The Rock

We've already been to Vancouver, Canada, where we were spoiled with massive breakfasts and wonderful beer, and Seattle, where we wasted a lot of money going up the Space Needle - but we don't have pictures for those so I'll skip that. Oh, and in Portland it rained a lot but we were only there for a day. SAN FRANCISCO PICTURES (everyone say the magic words...) I hope we'll be able to get them up soon.... read more
Random building thing
Raj getting some breakfast
A cool view

Hi All After being on the road for 3 weeks, we thought it was about time we send an update. Also - confession time - having tired of constantly searching for Internet cafes and then desperately trying to beat the clock as our precious credit dripped away, we’ve treated ourselves to a laptop (Rod added it to the “outside the budget” category :o), and so we can finally let you have some pics of our adventures (Click here for all of the photos) and write a ‘War & Peace‘ update... It’s been a hectic 3 weeks and Whistler seems like a long time ago - as well as a long way away…we drove 1850 miles between Seattle and San Francisco…and another 400 miles between San Francisco and Santa Barbara, where we are at the moment. After ... read more
Rach at Oswald West beach, Oregon
Us at Bandon Beach, Oregon
A big tree, Redwoods NP

We arrived in San Fran on friday and it was chucking it down. But we weren't going to let a bit of water stop the fun and games. We found our Hostel which is very nice, pretty basic rooms but what more do you need than a bed and a bathroom? The first night was great, me, Lisa and Frankie went for some food and found a bar where Andy and Mel could meet us. When they arrived it was catch up time, we haven't seen them for nearly a year so we had plenty to talk about. Talk turned to the coming weeks it was then I realised how lucky I am, this trip is gonna be sweet! Our first full day in San Fran and the weather had cleared up, we walked down to ... read more

'If you're going to San Francisco...' Okay.... so after a gruelling ten hour flight, feeling hung over (still), the excitment kicked in, our travelling escapade beginns..proper mind! San Francisco is a vibrant city, block after block of cafes, trendy sushi bars, jazz/blues joints, funky restaurants, a massive gay/lesbo society, strip clubs, fast food (everywhere), and Amercians! On fist impressions we like this place! Our hostel is called Green Tortiose and is situated right in the red light zone..oh yes..start as we mean to go on! It's a crazy place, with a massive common room/bar/LOUD music and wierd people!! Many of the other travellers were Amercian, they also thought that San Fran is possibly the coolest place in America! Round the corner is China town..with the biggest Chinese population in the US, cheap grub, bustling streets, definately ... read more
Golden Gate Bridge
The famous Cable Cars of San Fran
The hole dug to escape Alcatraz!

I can't believe how wonderful we are! Our mothers will be brimming with pride! We had a day of being healthy, organisey and some more healthy and then a little helpful, and failed to indulge in anything morally questionable, other than possibly Doritos...that orange dye can't be ethically sound. We started off by getting up only quarter of an hour or so after our alarm this morning, the constant and unwavering bagel was again our breakfast companion. Although Juliet had marmalade instead of jam on hers today in a bid for extra vitamin C, bravo! Jenny, after drinking lots of water and putting some warm socks on, decided for her continued good health she should take some beauty sleep to deter the oncoming signs of a cold. Not before taking a multivitamin though (and that's no ... read more
Our smelly yet adorable friends
SkyGate Sculpture
At Pier 39

Another crazy full day in San Francisco....I could get used to these bagels with cream cheese and jam for breakfast, yum! We rounded out our diet for the day with pizza for lunch, leftover chinese takeaways for dinner and irish coffee for tomorrow its salad and water for me! Having said that, I think we can be excused. We spent over 5 hours solidly walking and made further use of San Francisco's fantastic bus network, which we found gets a little more interesting on Sundays. Alright I'll give you some chronological order here, much as I enjoy recounting my life in all its culinarily ordered glory. After a semi quiet night in the Mission area, in a divine little bar Ju will tell you more about (although quiet is relative...most bars close here at 2 ... read more
On the bus
Hippies n stuff
A lesson in flower arrangement

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