Day 1 - San Fransisco

Published: September 8th 2019
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Day 1

We left our house at 5:45, but before that sadly we take Luna down to Nan’s house because she could not come with us. We checked in at the airport and put our bags on the thingy. We then went to the Qantas first class lounge and had something to eat. I had a cheeseburger and Zoe had calamari. We got on the 13hour plane ride, that left at 9 o’clock (Melbourne time) it was smooth sailing except for one part where the plane hit an air pocket( turbulence). We got a lot of food. We pretty much just watched movies the hole time. we landed at 5:15 (San Francisco time), we all just wanted to get home! We got a taxi out of the airport and we arrived! My first impression was it was cute and so San Francisco, we checked the sheet (given by house owner) and the key was in a little black code box and we followed the guide, many many many times, it was freezing and we just wanted to get inside, everyone was restless, people walking past were staring, but we finally got in, and put our things away and headed out

Bella getting her passport ready
to the town! There were dozens of Italian places, but they all had a waiting list, except for one ,Piazza Pellegrini it was delicious we laughed and laughed about random things. The other tables must of thought we were crazy! We then got dessert at Gelato Delicatessen which was really yum.

Love Bella! 💕

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View from taxi ride 🚕 🚖

Trying to get the key 🔑

Cathedral behind our apartment

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