Jail House (The) Rock

Published: May 29th 2007
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Sorry, I couldn't resist!

Obviously we went to Alcatraz to day which was very cool because it's been something I have wanted to do since I was little. I was just as good as I thought but at the same time I wanted so much more!? That probably sounds wierd but I hope I can make it make sense. It was everything I imagined arriving there on the boat, pulling up and seeing the lookout tower and the lighthouse with the fort at the bottom of the hill. We then watched an educational video and strolled towards out "guided" tour (headphones!) It was really cool walking round the prison block and hearing the inmates story's and attempts at escape. I don't believe for a second that the three who got away are dead because they were never heard from again. Who escapes the most high security prison in the world then tells everyone about it? The prison block is so much smaller than I imagined but looks exactly how you'd expect, we saw the cells the guys escaped from and learned about the riot where unfortunately a few people got killed. My only problem was, after seeing all that, I could see the areas that we weren't allowed into such as the gun rooms and upstairs in the cell block. Its not a big issue, I just would have liked to see it all having got that close.

After the tour we had a wander around the island and went into the exercise yard for the inmates which looks exactly as it does in all the films. Its bizzare seeing such an iconic place from inside, you always see pictures of the island and the cells ect, but to be inside and looking out at the city is really strange, across the water San Francisco looks amazing especially on a day as nice as today, I can imagine it was horrible for the prisoners looking out at that.

As for the rest of the day, we saw China town, some shops and had a free tea. Wine tour tomorrow, can't wait, I love the film 'Sideways'...


30th May 2007

sounds like you had a good day. Aren't you glad you didn't have to experience it as an inmate? Enjoy the wine tour - sounds just up my street that!!!

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