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June 29th 2007
Published: June 29th 2007
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Sunset at FinesterreSunset at FinesterreSunset at Finesterre

I made it to the end of the Earth!
I have been back in San Diego for 3 days, and the culture shock is wearing off. I was sad to think that this amazing experience had come to an end, that it was all over. Then a Camino friend of mine reminded me of what was said at the Pilgrims mass in Santiago. The priest told us "Sanitago is the end of the trail for you, but not the end of your journey. Once you have started, it goes on for the rest of your lives. Everyday you walk the path of your Camino." I had forgotten, that the Camino was only the outward expression of an inward journey.

Since then, I have been happy to be back and each day I am living the lessons I learned, and decisions I made on the Camino. It definetly helps to have a network of Camino freinds to keep the feeling of connection alive. Already I have visited with four of them since we all finished. Toni and Pablo in Barcelona, and Lara and Maire in Ireland. Soon, I will see Cinnamon, possibly at the Burning Man festival this August, and Maire and Pablo both have plans to come to California this year. So the Camino goes on, and everyday I am so thankful for the experience and all my Camino friends. Thank You All of You!

Oh and of course swiming in the Ocean yesterday was great! Now I am ready to get back to the business of studying herbs and points! Yeah!

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Hiking in the Mountains outisde of DublinHiking in the Mountains outisde of Dublin
Hiking in the Mountains outisde of Dublin

With Maire, Sean, Shulagh, and Me!

29th June 2007

wow what emotions
Hi all hi ginger what a nice post, thank you it something that i also feel so much i can tell you about my pilgrinage i quit the camino at leon then i went one week in ibiza having beautiful swimming in the blue sea under the blue sky and the red sun, yes! i coudnt walk so i rent a bycicle and i had a lot of fun with it then my camino continued to germany i went to a commune of meditation and i had so a beatuful time there, it was a so precious experience there that i quit the job, sold my house in milano, quit my relationship with my girlfriend, and now i am living here in this blissed space, that is it!!!! i am so touched to see the faces of my friend in your pics, lara and maire i hug you strong strong!!! so keep on writing me i send you all my love siddhana
4th July 2007

Hi Ginger, It was so good to see the photos of my camino friends. Hi Lara and Maire. It does take a while to absorb the Camino and now I am at Esalen at Big Sur California looking out at the ocean similar to Finisterre. My body says why aren't we walking any more, so I take off for a few miles every now and then to remember. I miss my walking village! Love to you Ginger
6th July 2007

Life changes
Hi Ginger, cool to see the updated blog and to hear the stuff about the camino continuing. I miss the rhythm of the camino, but I got up and walked into work today via 2 parks and the Botanic Gardens - you know how far that is Ginger! Sid, I can't believe you made such radical changes. You seemed such a steady guy. What a huge decision! I hope all goes really well for you. Good to get your e-mail too. o.k. amigos, have a good weekend in Europe and the US
9th July 2007

Welcome Home!
Hi Ginger Welcome home - glad to hear you are settling! Was great to see you made it to Barcelona to see Pablo, as well as to Ireland to see the girls!! Was wonderful to meet you! Ross

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