Car-less (Again) in San Diego and Loving It!

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December 27th 2019
Published: December 27th 2019
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General route between Toucan Rescue Ranch, SJC airport, and Monteverde

I have a love/hate relationship with having a car. On the one hand, having the freedom to jump willy-nilly into my car and go wherever my mood takes me is a pretty joyful thing to be able to do. Nestling into the driver's seat, switching on a favorite audible book, donning my shades, and taking off to....someplace--is a privilege I appreciate very much. De otra manera,... (fyi...this keeps happening--As I continue preparing for Costa Rica, Espanglish phrases and words pop into my head at random times as I keep honing my Spanish-speaking skills. As I'm writing, often the Spanish version of whatever I'm about to write suddenly appears in my brain. So...I've decided to just start sprinkling the Spanish in with the English. Hence, "De otra manera" here. Or, on the other hand....) So......De otra manera, having the responsibility of a car payment, paying for gas, keeping the car clean, taking the car in for routine maintenance, etc.....These are things I detest for all sorts of personal, emotional, and global reasons. But, as of this morning, I am now NOT a car owner. And I should point out that this was the second biggest hurdle toward being able to go to Costa Rica longterm. (The first biggest hurdle being moving out of my apartment and putting everything in storage.)

Anyway....."Maxine," my lovely little Ford C-Max Hybrid is no longer parked out front, and the number of keys on my key ring has shrunk to a measly two. (see photo) One key for my storage unit, and one key for my son's house. Also on said keyring: sloth figure, my Ralph's card, and the veterinary photo ID for Uma (RIP)--smartest damn dog I've ever had the pleasure of knowing.

Next step toward departure will be Saturday's final pack before Sunday's ride to my other son's house in Long Beach. Then, lift-off to Costa Rica on Wednesday! How long will I stay? Vamos a ver.


30th December 2019

Too exciting!
I was just wondering when! And now I know. I have such mixed feelings but predominantly I'm just so happy for you! You will definitely feel very out of reach. But I hope to be able to come see you someday. Love you and always thinking of you! deb
30th December 2019

Yes it is exciting! And I have no idea how long I'll be staying, which is also very exciting....and daunting!

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