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April 9th 2018
Published: April 12th 2018
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The whole house is up at 7am. Scarlett has to go to work by 9 and we have to leave for the airport. Jonathan is home for the week for spring break. Queenie's buddy, Joe, a part-time Uber driver, will be picking us up at 10:30am. By 8:30, Scarlett leaves, the kid is upstairs playing video games and Karen and I have some coffee and watch the morning news. Nothing exciting going on around here today. Karen repacks what little she disturbed in our luggage, waiting for Joe. He calls, saying he will be 5 minutes late and we move our stuff out to the curb, positioning ourselves for pickup. Joe arrives 5 minutes late, we load our stuff into his Prius and we're off to the San Diego Airport. It's a 30 minute ride and Joe gives us narration of the areas as we pass by. I think Scarlett may have heard this all from him previously as her information is very similar. He's lived here for around 10 years and the house prices are very high. That was most of the discussion from Joe.

Joe drops us off at the Southwest curbside check in. We thank Joe, pay him for his services and check our luggage with the skycap. There's no line and, with TSA Pre-check, we shoot through security in minutes and proceed to Gate 9. The terminal is crowded, maybe with spring breakers but we find two seats at another gate. There are a lot of delayed flights on the board but we're lucky. Flight 335 to Oakland is only delayed 10 minutes. We wait about an hour before lining up for boarding, numbers B21, B22. By the time we get on the plane, it's getting full so we head to the rear, seeking sanctuary in the last few open rows. Not so fast.

We find an empty row and Karen takes her usual window seat, leaving me in the middle again. Oh sure, I could take the aisle seat, leaving the middle seat empty hoping that no one would want to sit there. But Southwest is notorious for consistently selling out their aircraft so I'll end up moving anyway. A family of Latinos enters the area, all speaking Spanish and with no seats together available. they disperse to any single seats remaining. This elderly lady sits next to me and immediately brings out some game pad and starts playing "Dobles", an arcade style game that plays music and makes all sorts of sounds and it's loud. This will be my amusement for our trip.

The stewardess comes by and, hearing all this noise, tells her to mute the game. She nods and keeps playing. Obviously she doesn't understand. Meanwhile, little kids seated directly behind us and directly in front of us start screaming and crying. This flight is 1:10 hours in length so I'm more amused than annoyed. Amused by all the other passengers getting pissed off. After about 15 minutes the kids stop making noise but the lady is still blasting her machine and other passengers in the immediate area are getting irritated. Yes. The stewardess tells her once again to silence the game and she shuts it off, waits about a minute then turns it back on again. Now different passengers are flagging down the attendant but all she says is, "I told her. She just won't stop." So I ask the women in Spanish if she speaks English? "No", she says. Then I tell her she's making too much noise and the attendant wants "silencio". She shuts it down again for a while longer but it's back on in 10 minutes. No one from the rest of her group attempts to help with the situation, assuming any of them speak English. The other passengers finally adjust to the noise and we land without further incident. I'm not sure a language barrier had anything to do with this whole thing but that lady sure liked that game.

Karen turns on her phone and Louann calls. They're circling the pick up area. We get our luggage and meet them outside about 15 minutes later. It seems all is well back here at home as we arrive. Louann made some corned beef & cabbage for our dinner tonight. Karen finds her cats so she's happy although Azul was hiding behind the washer and she was freaking out looking for him for awhile. No major issues, just some cleanup in order. All the outside lights were on during daylight and, upon further questioning of TJ (wrestler), the switch wasn't working so they had to stay on for the entire time we were gone. 24 hours/day. 12 light fixtures. We discovered the problem. The light switch must be turned off. Everything's working now. Oh boy!

According to Holland America, we traveled 6338 nautical miles over 22 days on two different ships. We had a good amount of shipboard credit and free gratuities so we spent their money during our voyage. Including the wine, Karen's spa adventure, perfume, jewelry and fancy dinners, our final statements from both ships at the end totaled less than $200. With all the rain in the Bay Area during the period that we were gone, I think we picked a good time to hang out in the tropics. Stay tuned for 14 days through Alaska coming in June, next on our agenda.

Thanks for viewing the blog.

Karen & Al


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