Major change of plans....

Published: May 10th 2007
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(this is megs)

My grandfather passed away this morning, so we're going to be renting a car and driving to Vegas, where I'm going to get on a plane and go home to Boston for his funeral....Stewy's going to be staying in Vegas and looking for some under the table work and trying to resist the lure of casinos (yeah right)...



10th May 2007

aw shit...
sorry to hear that megs. i remember you told me that this might happen though. well, i hope you two get back on track soon enough. (i think i found a house today!)
10th May 2007

oh megs i'm so sorry to hear that. ***love***
15th May 2007

im so sorry
sorry about your loss and hope things are getting back on track, keep me posted talk to you latter kevs dad

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