LA, to San diego then Ensenada, Mexico

Published: May 9th 2007
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Hello from Sunny Southern California!!

Well the trip from LA to San Diego was kinda crazy. Los Angeles is freakin huge! It took us most of the day to get from the Aglago (silverlake) house, to Long Beach. Not the prettiest of riding, stip malls and urban spawl... but once we got to Orange County, it got a little nicer.

We also did not make it to Camp Pendelton Marine Corps base in time to ride through. You can only ride bikes on the base from 9:30am to 3:30 pm and nowhere to camp nearby. Lucky for us Garby and Maureen were waiting for us at Brian, Roth and Ackers house in Oceanside, about 10 miles south of Pendelton. So Garby drove up and got us. And we spent the evening catching up with these kids i have'nt seen in a few years, everybody is doing really great.

We were going to spend the weekend in Mexico with Garb & Maureen, but Cinco de Mayo makes Baja a giant party and leaves very little available rooms unless reserved. Plus I HATE giant parties.. So anyway Garby was nice enough to lend us his vehicle to drive down on Monday, after the madness.
Driving in Mexico is kinda wierd, I can't read half of the signs, so we instantly got lost in Tijuana, drove around for an hour or so till we found our highway, then headed down towards Puerto Nuevo. This place had been recomended to us for thier lobsters, which Megs and I are both huge fans of. They were great, and cheap, we both had a 1 lb. lobster with rice, beans, salsa, guac, and a drink,all for $20! I also got a custom made belt at a little store. Then on to Ensenada.
( Mexico is alot like southern California, except the dividing line between the ultra wealthy, and super poor is not hidden as well.. food was very good, but can't help feeling a little weird/touristy/gringo-ish. Seeing huge resorts being built on the ocean side of the highway, while the locals live in small shacks on the other side. And we drive down the middle to get cheap lobsters...mmmmm. lobsters. )

We had a nice evening there, and woke up and got some breakfast. Marlin, and manta ray tacos!! Very delicious.. Then we headed back towards San Diego, as soon as we got to Tijuana, we were instantly lost again..but just kinda drove north till we found a border crossing, then we sat in a line of traffic for ever, then our car got searched. Good times all in all.

Still in San Diego, and may be for a bit, due to some circumstances beyond our control..
Thanks for checking in. -----------Stewy


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