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This has been a very strange summer, to say the least. Perhaps one of the stranger summers I have had in a very long time. And it hasn't been a lovely one per say - in fact I have spent most of it holed up in a windowless office re-studying everything I had learned concerning American law over the past three years. Moreover, it has been a summer for changes and endings: I moved out of Washington, D.C. (hallelujah), finished law school and returned back to California to study for (wait for it) the New York bar. Bar prep is indeed absolute misery. I also hit a quarter century, and lost the one person I had loved since the inception of my twenties, all in the same month. May was, indeed, a shitty-ass month. But change ... read more

North America » United States » California » San Bernardino December 31st 2015

To my family, and all of the amazing people I met during my travels and adventures... Happy New Year!! You have taught me that the world truly is a beautiful place ... read more
St Augustine
View of Long Island City from UN Gardens
Mom and me :)

No doubt about it, this is a strenuous hike. While I was perfectly comfortable on Tahquitz Peak the day after hiking, it took three days to recover from Vivian Creek, primarily due to the steep downhill trek the second day. The pack added a lot of extra downward force, and I constantly felt like I was going to be pushed forward and down the side of the mountain. It was only five miles each day, but with a 2,300 ft elevation gain. Not sure if this is a trail I will want to do again. On day one, the hike up the mountain was quite pleasant. After the first mile of steep switchbacks, it was pretty easy going. I was physically and mentally prepared to move swiftly into camp and then head up for the summit. ... read more
Happy camper
View of a mountian, but not "the" mountain
A celebrated flat part of the trail

A few photos from home... California. is. awesome.... read more
Cucamonga Peak, view from Rancho
descending mountain

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