Our US trip (less of a honeymoon and more of a family sight seeing trip:-)

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After a lot of drama Jag and I finally got married on Dec 13th 2004. Unfortunately Neer (my sister) could not make it for the wedding due to visa issues and hence Jag and I decided to go for our honeymoon to US 😊 just to meet her.. and it was totally totally worth it !!! I started looking for air tickets 4 months ahead and got a super cool deal for just 725$ each, but (rather and!) the rou... Read Full Entry

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slying and quickly captured this one!slying and quickly captured this one!
slying and quickly captured this one!

photography is not allowed inside the casinos!!
Grand Canyon covered with snow!!Grand Canyon covered with snow!!
Grand Canyon covered with snow!!

We would pose from a snap.. walk around.. run inside .. get warm.. and then repeat the sequence of operations :)

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