A Visit to the Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge Complex

Published: May 1st 2008
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"For thousands of years the Sacramento Valley has provided winder haven for ducks, geese, and swans. Waterfowl migrate here by the millions from as far away as the Arctic regions of Alaska, Canada, and Siberia. The habitats of the Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge Complex are islands in a sea of agriculture in Sacramento Valley of California. This valley represents the single most important wintering area for waterfowl along the Pacific Flyway."

So if this place is so great, why have so many people not even visited it? (I visited with some couples from Sacramento while in San Andreas who have never heard of it, and also I never heard of it when I lived in Davis, California years ago)... So the story goes: As I was driving down I-5 going north on my way to San Andreas (which is South East of Sacramento), suddenly there appeared a sign to the Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge. I took the next exit with no expectation of what the refuge may consist of. I feature a few pictures here to give an idea of the beauty of the refuge itself. I was there in April 2008, and there were not vast numbers of birds. However, I learned that the best time to go is during November and December when thousands of tourists come from around the world to see one of the greatest bird migrations in play... just north of Sacramento! I plan on driving down from Oregon to see it. I hope this blog feature will encourage others to come, as this is one of those accessible places that can be discovered around the world that has conservation as its' mission, and is a celebration of the beauty of birds and animals being themselves.

National Wildlife Refuge Complex
752 Country Road 99 W
Willows, California 95988

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Additional photos below
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One of the walking trailsOne of the walking trails
One of the walking trails

There are walking trails, as well as a six mile driving route where visitors can get out of their cars for a varied treat in viewing options.
One of the lake viewsOne of the lake views
One of the lake views

There are several lakes and canals of various sizes, giving the birds and other wildlife abundant options on where they would like to feed and nest.
Hop Hop Away... Bye for Now!Hop Hop Away... Bye for Now!
Hop Hop Away... Bye for Now!

I'll definitely be back!

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