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North America » United States » California » Poway June 23rd 2020

USA 2017 Blog In this blog i will go into detail about the 14 days i spent in the US. During those 14 days i spent 8 of them in San Diego, 5 days in Las Vegas and 1 day in Los Angeles. The first blog will be about my favourite US City to date. I love San Diego and I felt like the 8 days I spent in San Diego wasn’t enough for what I wanted to do. I made some fantastic memories there and met family I haven’t seen in years when i stayed with them for the duration of my stay! San Diego: I arrived in San Diego in the late evening after a pretty standard British Airways 777 Business Class flight, BA really need to step up their game when it comes ... read more

North America » United States » California » Poway June 29th 2012

wow 15 views already, i'm sure they were all be me... read more

North America » United States » California » Poway December 6th 2011

On the road again... So, we tried jugging for a bit. Got $11. We were feeling somewhat discouraged as we were in a rather conservative state and a rich area. Also, we are apparently too lazy to sit around and ask for gas money (or mostly that might just be me, J has a bit more patience). Either way we were ready to go, so we got organized for the next day and posted another rideshare for going to San Diego. We got multiple responses, the best one being $200 for gas to drive to San Diego. This was a woman and her FIVE children. yes... We agreed though as it was a good amount of gas money and we decided it would probably not be a total cotastrophe to make it to where we wanted ... read more

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