U.S. Open Double

Published: June 26th 2019
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Here is a good question: how many of you have been to the U.S. Open? By that, I mean both the tennis in Flushing Meadow, and the golf at rotating venues around the country.

I was able to attend the tennis Open in 1982, courtesy of the Northern California Tennis Association. They gave me both a day pass to all venues, and box seats to the stadium for the evening matches.

I have attended the golf Open at both Pebble Beach (3 times), and the Olympic Club in San Francisco. Great venues!

Which one is better? Well, both have changed considerably since I last attended. Both have become major marketing, media, and merchandise phantasmagorias. If I had to choose which one to attend once more, I think I would choose the tennis. Why?

The excitement of new young players, like Naomi Osaka from Japan, and the younger American female players, along with the vets like Fed, Rafa, and Serena, of course. While I have also been to Wimbledon, this is, after all, our national championship.

Tiger at Pebble, or Serena at Flushing? Which one is better? You decide!

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