Day 60 - Disney California

Published: June 12th 2012
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Sridhar dropped us at Disney Adventureland at 10 am...opening time. Spent a truly wonderful day till 9.30 pm the closing time. Sri and sachin came to pick us up at 10pm.

Additional photos below
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Ferris WheelFerris Wheel
Ferris Wheel

First ride of the day..a huge ferris wheel..swinging type. Some of the cages are swinging type and others stationery. There is nothing to hold onto, but it goes around extremely slowly. Very uninteresting.
View of parkView of park
View of park

..from inside the ferris wheel. You can see the tall Hollywood Tower Hotel in the background where the free fall elevator ride is located.
Silly Symphony SwingsSilly Symphony Swings
Silly Symphony Swings

The swing is first lifted to height and then spins.
High level spinHigh level spin
High level spin

Silly Symphony Swings, a thrilling ride at the Paradise Pier.
Jumpin JellyfishJumpin Jellyfish
Jumpin Jellyfish

Goes straight up and then drops down...mildly though...supposed to give parachute drop effect
Paradise PierParadise Pier
Paradise Pier

The roller coaster with its ups and downs and the loop where we go upside down can be seen. The giant ferris wheel can also be seen.
Roller Coaster PhotoRoller Coaster Photo
Roller Coaster Photo

Photo of California Screamin.. roller coaster ride displayed. It was a truly thrilling experience. Would love to go once more.
Grizzly River RunGrizzly River Run
Grizzly River Run

Getting onto circular raft for a roaring whitewater raft adventure.
Turbulent water rideTurbulent water ride
Turbulent water ride

...the Grizzly River Run..with climbs and drops and river bed volcanoes erupting..
3D film3D film
3D film

Kermit, the frog and his friends in 3D, called 'Muppet Vision 3D'
Golden ZephyrGolden Zephyr
Golden Zephyr

Merry-go-round in a silver rocket.
Hyperion TheaterHyperion Theater
Hyperion Theater

Ready to watch..Aladdin..a musical spectacular.
The Little MermaidThe Little Mermaid
The Little Mermaid

.the story of little mermaid Ariel. All the dolls and fishes were amazing with moving parts. Beautiful music and display.
Little Mermaid Little Mermaid
Little Mermaid

..and the Prince
Toy Story Midway ManiaToy Story Midway Mania
Toy Story Midway Mania

You can see the cars fitted with two cannons in the front, one for each player. Several 4D game screens keep coming up during the ride for us to aim and shoot and score points.

You can guess whose score was higher. My accuracy is better though!
4D glasses4D glasses
4D glasses

...for the Toy Story ride.
Goofy's Sky SchoolGoofy's Sky School
Goofy's Sky School

A mini roller coaster ride.
Underwater volcanoUnderwater volcano
Underwater volcano

In the Grizzly River Run..these people just missed it. But, when we went, it just managed to catch us on one side and i got wet through and through..R did not get very wet.

Simulated hang gliding, where we soar and swoop over rivers, beaches, snow capped mountains, field and trees and city roads in the night. Wonderful experience using simulation plus i -max imagery.

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