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North America » United States » California » Nice February 13th 2011

For just a few days, I can pretend that I have no worries in the world. We have absolutely no cares in the world, we can't change anything so it's time to sit back and enjoy the beauty of the world around us. Neither of us have to rush back to any kind of job, Erika is just going to have to miss a few days of school, and we're going to spend some good quality time as a family. José loaded up the Escape while I finished all the last minute details in the house, packed up the food, fed the girls, called and had the newspaper put on hold, etc. The original plan had been to leave around 8am and we finally managed to load everyone up at 9am. The girls were eager to ... read more
My Blue Star Highway
One Bedroom at Worldmark Clear Lake
The First Dinner

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