Nevada City, Queen City of the Northern Hills

Published: August 3rd 2005
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Nevada CityNevada CityNevada City

View down Broad Street.
While Holly spent the day attending Carly's bridal shower in Grass Valley, I roamed around Nevada City, originally a mining camp founded along Deer Creek in 1849.

Nevada City was at one time the largest and wealthiest mining town in California. At that time the third largest city in California with a population of 10,000.

Nevada City's good fortune allowed miners and settlers to enjoy plush gambling establishments, hotels, saloons, and stores. However, like many big cities that sprang up quickly during the rush for instant wealth, early Nevada City shared a darker side of claim jumping, murder, brothels and opium dens.

By the 1850's Nevada City's wealth began to wane, and as miners moved on in search of new claims and stories of gold and riches, a quiet and quaint city emerged. Two firestorms in 1856 and 1863 raced through Nevada City almost completely annihilating the town.

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South Yuba Canal Building, Ott's AssaySouth Yuba Canal Building, Ott's Assay
South Yuba Canal Building, Ott's Assay

The oldest business buildings in Nevada City. The South Yuba Canal Building (1857) houses the Chamber of Commerce. Ott's (1857) houses a wine tasting room. It is where James J. Ott assayed ore in 1859 that led to the Comstock Lode Silver Rush in Nevada.
Firehouse #1Firehouse #1
Firehouse #1

One of the most photographed buildings in the Gold Country. Built in 1861, now a museum.
The National HotelThe National Hotel
The National Hotel

The state's oldest continuously operating hotel consists of four buildings (1854 and 1856-57).
The Nevada TheatreThe Nevada Theatre
The Nevada Theatre

This 1865 brick structure is the oldest building in the state erected as a theatre.
Firehouse #2Firehouse #2
Firehouse #2

Built in 1861, this venerable brick firehouse near the top of Broad Street housed one of Nevada City's first volunteer fire companies.
Sargent HouseSargent House
Sargent House

Built in 1856 by civic leader and former U.S. Senator Aaron Augustus Sergent (1827-1887), this historic treasure is now a private residence.
Five - Stamp Mill 1893Five - Stamp Mill 1893
Five - Stamp Mill 1893

Used to crush gold ore at the Fortuna Mine near Nevada City. Ore fed under iron 'Stamps' from rear hopper. Steam, water or electric belt-driven power turned wheel which revolved cams.
Shaft Drill Core 1935-36Shaft Drill Core 1935-36
Shaft Drill Core 1935-36

Experimental vertical shaft 5' in diameter to 1,125' depth thru serpentine and gabbro at Idaho-Maryland Gold Mine, Grass Valley. Greatest drilled footage - 21' in three days. Core weight 11 tons.

29th June 2005

Gold Country
Loved your blog on Nevada City. It is truly one of the jewels of the West.
19th July 2005

Your pictures are beautiful. Tell me about your camera, please. Roberta

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