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North America » United States » California » Mountain View November 30th 2021

Today starts with some admin. As daughter no 2 is busy in the lab for the next few days, we are doing the honourable thing and buggering off to Hawaii for a week. An added incentive; there are no Trader Joe’s on Hawaii so I can attempt to kick my recently acquired dill pickle crisps habit. So, this morning we do some laundry, pack, and complete the inevitable covid paperwork – uploading vaccine certificates and answering a health questionnaire. It’s quite detailed. By the time it’s done, I’ve got a headache, which is unfortunate as I’ve just signed an attestation that I’ve not taken Ibruprofen in the last 24 hours. Once we’re checked in and have clean pants, we spend the rest of the day on a tour of Silicon Valley. First stop Google. It’s somewhat ... read more
Google Android statues
Google Android statues
Google HQ

North America » United States » California » Mountain View August 21st 2014

Enfin nous sommes arrivés sur ce lieu mythique ! La silicon valley et le fameux GOOGLE. Le Google Campus s’étend sur plusieurs blocks. Tout le monde a l'air cool, se déplace en skate ou en vélo aux couleurs de la marque. Il y a même un terrain de volley, un spa ... Nico est en plein rêve ...... read more
Google smiles
Trop stressante cette réunion !!
Le Boss

M – Ok, it's official, I’m blogging! The things you do at 6am when you can’t sleep. Those of you that saw Kate’s blog of yesterday will be pleased to know that I am not sitting in the closet in a towel. I have graduated to the kitchen. To save the neighbors (American spelling) blushes I am however dressed in my wife’s bathrobe. You may ask, ‘is this a new phase and a sign of cross dressing tendencies to come on the trip?’ No, it isn’t. Those with long memories (thankfully well before the age of the digital camera) will recall a certain bachelorette night which I attended in full make-up, a blond wig and rather fetching little pink and white dress and matching pink handbag. Unfortunately the caterpillar boots I was wearing on my feet ... read more

K - Woke up this morning to find Mark wrapped in a towel working on his PC in the very small closet in our spare room where we are now sleeping. Turns out my inspired decision to put on a load of laundry the night before had resulted in him having "nothing to wear". I resisted pointing out that he had a full rucksack of clothes packed next to him because I was very touched that he was working in the closet so as not to wake me. Also resisted pointing out that there were 2 armchairs in the room next door...... The movers came yesterday rather than today to pack and its worked out well and we are now in an empty and very clean house, sleeping in our spare room with the bags reassuringly ... read more

K - Have spent the morning piling up every piece of clothing I own across our bedroom. Mark is being very tolerant as his stuff is neatly stored in his rucksack whilst I seem to be in some sort of travel denial and have not yet even determined how many pairs of knickers I need to take! I am using the excuse that my rucksack is still in the UK (my friend Jane has kindly lent me hers) so of course I can't determine how much stuff will fit in. This is of course complete nonsense - I just seem unable to take the next step from "planning" in theory which has been my comfort zone for the last several months and where we are now which is actually having to leave our house on Saturday ... read more
Packed and ready to go

North America » United States » California » Mountain View October 31st 2010

Halloween - Trick or Treating w/ Little Sophia at the mall Mountain View, CA Oct 31, 2010 ... read more

Connoisseur's Marketplace Menlo Park, CA July 17, 2010... read more

Sophia's 2nd Birthday Party Moutain View, CA July 10, 2010... read more

World War Z Sentinel Bed Bugs swarm in the night Like the final flight of Osiris, they seek the core of what makes us bright Stripping away your identity to harvest the living energies It is Babylon’s horrible nightmares and worst enemies The terrorists comes up through the drains and into your house Starting at your skins surface, then your ears, nose, and mouth They swarm and multiply throughout your beds ,carpets, and couch They seek Zion, the great all seeing eye To drill into it for their unlimited supply To identify the problem Morpheus pilots an exterior ship To exit your pores, scan your plumbing, and zap these quick ZZZZzzzzZZZZZzzzZZZZZ………..They are here attacking us in the night. Quick activate your blue shields to avoid a deadly plight. OOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM. ... read more

North America » United States » California » Mountain View January 26th 2008

So a slothful opening to 2008 went by, watching blue skies pass me by. See you in Washington blog. ... read more
Hike on the city
Ranch San Antonio
Armenian Boogie

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