Dinner with Tom

Published: June 26th 2006
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Tied House

The excellent Tied House restaurant/cafeteria/microbrewery

Well, we finally came back from the Gay Pride 2006 event. More on that in another blog. I am a bit sunburnt on my forehead, as I forgot to wear my trusty GI hat today. Even though it was overcast, the sun was still strong enough.

Anyways, we had to do an interview with our CEO, Tom Lasater for our class with professor Nesheim.

Tom was nice enough to invite us to this local place called Tied House. So after grabbing an hour of sleep I headed down to the fountain in the courtyard to find Carina and Tom already waiting. A quick phonecall to Ivar(Gjul, another intern at PeerMe), and we were on our way.

According to Tom, Tied House is an old Silicon Valley classic. It is actually just down the road from where we live. It didn't look very impressive on the outside, but appearances can fool. The place is much bigger than it seems. As we entered, Tom requested outdoor seats, and after a few minutes we were sitting in the back garden, very nice indeed.

Tom first ordered some apetizers, we had some prawns, calamares and muscles. Nice touch. The place also sported a special dark and white bread, half of it was white, the other half looked like rye bread.

For dinner I had the Wild Game Burger. This weeks meat was American buffalo, another first. It was great. The burger was a real 250 gram meatloaf, with plenty of fresh vegetables on. It was also charcoal roasted, a nice touch.

We actually managed to do quite a lot of work, despite the excellent food, and got plenty of insights with regards to entrepreneurship from our CEO Tom. The evening was rounded off with a cappucino, and then we headed back to Park Place.


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