Empty Nest

Published: May 27th 2011
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K - Woke up this morning to find Mark wrapped in a towel working on his PC in the very small closet in our spare room where we are now sleeping. Turns out my inspired decision to put on a load of laundry the night before had resulted in him having "nothing to wear". I resisted pointing out that he had a full rucksack of clothes packed next to him because I was very touched that he was working in the closet so as not to wake me. Also resisted pointing out that there were 2 armchairs in the room next door......

The movers came yesterday rather than today to pack and its worked out well and we are now in an empty and very clean house, sleeping in our spare room with the bags reassuringly packed next to us. We are so organized that I am getting nervous - it doesn't feel natural. So I'll have a worry about that - just in case.

To compensate for a day of cleaning baseboards, fridges and worse I decided to address one of the longest standing and important jobs on my list and finally had a pedicure. As these feet have endured a very long winter of marathon training, including one lost toenail, I put aside all guilt and indulged in an orgy of People magazine reading and paraffin wax. Followed of course by an obligatory Pinot Grigio during Happy Hour at the bar next door.

Sausage, beans and fried eggs for dinner as we eat up the fridge / freezer. Mark is in heaven but throwing out food is anathema to me and I have felt physically sick as I have had to get rid of so many of my basic fridge and cupboard staples. We took a big box of canned & packaged goods to the Food Bank yesterday and today I donated all my spices (50 plus jars!) to Marks colleagues. "What nationality IS your Wife?" asked one confused guy as he looked at the Asian, Indian and Middle Eastern spices I have collected over the years (yes, I know they expire but really they just fade rather than go "off"). It was seriously one of the saddest moments of our departure planning which I think says rather too much about me!

2 more sleeps!


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