Getting scary!

Published: May 22nd 2011
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Getting organized!Getting organized!Getting organized!

How many rucksacks am I taking again?
K - Have spent the morning piling up every piece of clothing I own across our bedroom. Mark is being very tolerant as his stuff is neatly stored in his rucksack whilst I seem to be in some sort of travel denial and have not yet even determined how many pairs of knickers I need to take! I am using the excuse that my rucksack is still in the UK (my friend Jane has kindly lent me hers) so of course I can't determine how much stuff will fit in. This is of course complete nonsense - I just seem unable to take the next step from "planning" in theory which has been my comfort zone for the last several months and where we are now which is actually having to leave our house on Saturday morning for x months.

We have also had fun working out how this site works and learning webmaster skills. We couldn't get the map to work properly so please click the link to see where we are planning to go - 40,000 miles takes us to next March when we will evaluate and determine what / where next!

Parking the packing now and
Packed and ready to goPacked and ready to goPacked and ready to go

Mark looking tolerant
heading off to the Mountain View Art & Wine Fair!


23rd May 2011
Getting organized!

The clock is ticking.
I would love to know what you packed and how many knickers packed for this long journey. It is constantly battle between me and my husband that I often over packed. Cannot wait to read your stories. Have a great trip and enjoy! Julia
29th May 2011

Daunting but Exciting!
Enjoy, goodluck and will see you in S.Carolina

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