Published: May 30th 2009
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World War Z

Sentinel Bed Bugs swarm in the night
Like the final flight of Osiris, they seek the core of what makes us bright
Stripping away your identity to harvest the living energies
It is Babylon’s horrible nightmares and worst enemies
The terrorists comes up through the drains and into your house
Starting at your skins surface, then your ears, nose, and mouth
They swarm and multiply throughout your beds ,carpets, and couch
They seek Zion, the great all seeing eye
To drill into it for their unlimited supply
To identify the problem Morpheus pilots an exterior ship
To exit your pores, scan your plumbing, and zap these quick
ZZZZzzzzZZZZZzzzZZZZZ………..They are here attacking us in the night.
Quick activate your blue shields to avoid a deadly plight.


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