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Vorgestern habe ich San Francisco zeitig verlassen und bin nach Norden Richtung Mount Shasta gefahren. Dabei habe ich die Oakland Bay Bridge überquert. Die vielen Fahrten auf der Autobahn erinnern mich an ein altes Computerspiel, wo man dem Verkehr ausweichen muss. Genau so mache ich es seit 3 Wochen in der Realität. Kurz vor dem Ziel bin ich ein paar Kilometer abseits zum Shasta State Historic Park gefahren. Aber der war eher klein und nicht so sehenswert. Er sollte ein altes Dorf aus der Goldrauschzeit zeigen, aber ich habe nur das Gerichtsgebäude und eine Scheune gesehen. In Mount Shasta bin ich dann problemlos angekommen und konnte auch meine schmutzige Wäsche waschen. Da ich in San Francisco kein warmes Frühstück hatte, war ich auch ziemlich hungrig und habe mal wieder ein Steak gegessen.... read more
Der kleine Shasta State Historic Park.
Der kleine Shasta State Historic Park.
Der kleine Shasta State Historic Park.

So by now ya’ll know that there has to be something unusual about what you are about to read, otherwise you wouldn’t have gotten this email notification. And you would be right. While not particularly noteworthy in the scheme of saving lives or world peace, this one is top of the world for me. The last couple of years Anthony and I have gone west of the Mississippi to see what adventure we could find. We have backpacked in Montana, repelled down a 16 story cliff, sat at the edge of the Grand Canyon, and walked to the edge of Angels’ Landing. (Remember I told you all to NEVER do this one in an earlier blog!) So, what’s next? Go back several years with me when I posted about our climb of “Ol Doinyo Lengai”, the ... read more
Horse Camp
Horse Camp view of Mt. Shasta
Mt. Shasta Pure Water

North America » United States » California » Mount Shasta April 20th 2014

As I’ve written plenty of times before, a great thing about my job is the ability to experience those things off the beaten path. For the past 2 weeks we’ve had claims northeast of Redding. 2 weeks ago we had claims in Redding then the following day in Mt Shasta and Eureka. Lots of driving! This also meant taking roads we’d never been on before. On the way to our claims in Fall River Mills we had a clear view of Mt Lassen from Redding. The Mt was so beautiful. We were reminded of our hike up to the top many years ago when our boys were young. When we took the grandkids the path was full of snow and we couldn’t make it to the top. Before arriving at Fall River Mills we saw a ... read more

North America » United States » California » Mount Shasta September 21st 2012

We left on Wednesday after work about 5pm and sat in heavy traffic until we got out of Sonoma. The Motel 6 in Weed was calling our name - it’s only 10 miles north of Shasta City and a mere $45.95 per night. As it goes, we spend the evening dividing up shared items to carry, like the tent and kitchen and prepare our backpacks for the morning. Except for the mountaineering boots – those still have to be fitted with crampons. We’re at the ranger station the next morning shortly after 8 obtaining our wilderness permits and summit passes. We review their Powerpoint of the Clear Creek route in respect to where we would go from below the Headwall, which is as far as we made it on our last attempt in July. The instructions ... read more
Final Prep
Summit Sisters Hitting the Trail
Clear Creek Route

North America » United States » California » Mount Shasta August 12th 2009

Mount Shasta and More Yeah, de bramen zijn rijp. Er staan struiken overal langs de weg en je kunt ze zo plukken en opeten, errug lekkur ! Je moet wel snel zijn voordat de beren ze allemaal opeten. We zijn naar een aantal wijnproeverijen geweest. Een ideale manier om verschillende wijnen te proeven, ieders smaak is anders nietwaar ? Sommige van de Wijn Boerderijen, kun je wel Wijn Kastelen noemen wow wat een gebouwen. In de Napa vallei en Sonoma stikt het van de druiven velden, mooi om de glooiende heuvels vol met rijen druiven struiken te zien. En weer zagen we een Bambi hert met moeder, ze kwamen al dansend onze kant op, het blijft echt geweldig om te zien. Onderweg naar Yreka zagen we nog een grijze vos langs de weg banjeren. In California ... read more
02 Velden vol met druiven struiken, wine fields
03 Indianen Logo , Tribal sign
04 Indianen logo, Tribal Sign

When: Memorial Weekend, 23rd - 25th May 2009 Where: experience a tinge of the drive, the waterfalls & the hiker's paradise in Shasta country The Shasta area is abundant in everything; Rivers, waterfalls, thousand miles of trails, snow, mountains, scenic drives, boating, can go on & on. But the highlight is the one and only Mt.Shasta. Everytime I look at it, it is like I have never seen it before. It is so fresh, massive, beautiful & inspiring, all at the same time. This trip got us closer, a better place to view this mighty mountain. More about this mountain The trip was so pathetically planned. I do not know how many more times I am going to say this. Me & the significant other were debating on places to go. In fact, I was ... read more
Spectacular falls
View of Mt. Shasta from Heart Lake overlook
Middle McCloud Falls

North America » United States » California » Mount Shasta December 21st 2008

Okay, truth be told, the brownies weren't so great and the kids (and parents) got grouchy with each other. We'll blame it on the altitude - at least the bad brownie part. But it's a new day and we had tons of fun running around in the snow last night playing tag. And then playing Mexican Train and HideNSeek in the motorhome. The boys sang with me as they fell asleep "You are my strength when I am weak, you and the treasure that I seek, you are my all in all." "Be near me Lord Jesus I ask you to stay, close by me forever and love me always, bless all the dear chidlren in thy tender care, and fit us for heaven to live with thee there." Mary smiled as she snuggled into her ... read more

North America » United States » California » Mount Shasta December 20th 2008

Portland Storm Lots more driving today and lots more snow. We began the day with a great, warm breakfast with our new extended family and then warm goodbyes on a very cold, blizzardy morning. Within 5 minutes on the crazy Vancouver roads we were lost (all the roads look like country, residential roads that go on for miles). But real men can ask for directions! And my man is a real man! So we got heading to Portland and kind of wish we hadn't. The weather was terrible and getting worse. So we took it slow and made it safe and sound into Cali! Geoff and I had a fleeting thought about how dreamy it would be to make it through our whole trip without hitting McDonalds. Well, we made it one day. Oh, well. Geoff ... read more
Lawrence, Aunties & Geoff
Kai @ Mcdonalds
Welcome to California

North America » United States » California » Mount Shasta September 13th 2008

2133 vertical meters in height and 15 km in length in 30 hours of time, that was the challenge laid out before us. Set in the idyllic mix of pastures and conifer forests of Northern California, Shasta is the second largest Cascade Volcano at 14,179 feet. According to legend, Lemurian aliens are said to live inside. I signed up for the guided trip last April, and for the last 5 months I prepared for the biggest physical challenge of my life. I lost 9 kg (20 lbs) over the course of 6 months to lessen the load on my joints. I spent several weekends above 3000 meters, including a peak bag of Mt. Dana, leading up to the summit trip to expose myself to high altitude hiking. Mt. Shasta ranks as the 5th tallest mountain in ... read more
Mt. Shasta at sunrise
The Scale of the Beast
Mt. Shasta from the trailhead

Six friends and I decided to drive to Mt Shasta near the Oregon border for a little quiet time. We spent three days in the area, exploring the mountain and the surrounding areas. We visited near the top of the mountain. It is a very peaceful place... we sat and contemplated and meditated for a long time. The area is above the timberline, and is very rocky with few trees... feels barren. Yet, bees and butterflies were dancing here and there, hovering over the many plants that were growing on the ground. The mountain is powerful though; you can almost taste the raw energy that the mountain gives off. We then went down to the lower Panther Meadow. The meadow is very lush with green ground plants and wildflowers. A little murmuring brook cuts through the ... read more
Flowers on the ground
Butterfly dancing in flowers
Wildflowers at Panther Meadows

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