Mother seals with babies at Pacific Grove

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April 13th 2016
Published: June 24th 2017
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Geo: 36.5976, -121.897

Slept late for us.........8 am! Fixed coffee and then headed down to town to shop for groceries and do some thrift store shopping. There is always something we need to buy, Robert got a windbreaker and Laura a sweater. Really do not have room to put much more in our bags and we really have everything we need.

Drove down the street along the waterfront and saw there were wooden barricades up and people standing around looking down at the water. Found a parking place and joined the crowd at the wooden barricade. It is calving season for the harbor seals and the barricade is to protect the babies and mother's from humans and dogs I am sure!
Was interesting to watch the young seals and their mother swimming in the ocean and then head to the shore and inch up the shore. The mother seals were very protective of their young even to the point of biting at another young one that got to close! There was one baby that was out swimming with its mother and got separated and the mother was very frantic as she was searching for her baby but all ended well for all the seals we were watching.
Went and got haircuts and did a little more supply shopping and got some things for dinner. Ate dinner down on the waterfront. While we were getting things set up we overheard two people talking that they were not homeless, they were "pilgrims, just like Jesus." A new perspective for sure. While we were eating dinner, we got to see both dolphins and seals playing in the water.
Back to the campground where we sat and enjoyed a glass of wine and watched the stars and just chilled for awhile before heading to bed. Tomorrow is supposed to be rainy and we will see.

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harbor seals with their pupsharbor seals with their pups
harbor seals with their pups

area was roped off and you could watch the activity going on which was quite interesting to see the interaction with mother and baby and then the territorial behavior between mothers
one of our fellow campersone of our fellow campers
one of our fellow campers

were having a big bicycle event in Monterey that weekend and there were several biking families there in the campground

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