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North America » United States » California » Mission Viejo February 15th 2019

The weather was a little better this week, although as I write this it's chucking it down with rain. Apparently we came in the rainy season. We did end up going to San Diego on Sunday, so no Church again. Seems as though the other week might have been a one-off experience. Butter said we were going to San Diego to see what translated as an aquarium. I was a little confused because there must be at least 5 aquariums in LA but it turned out we were going to SeaWorld. Definitely the highlight of the week! The weather held, and it was a brilliant day out. We watched shows with orcas, dolphins, sea lions and otters as well as dogs/cats and acrobats. Incredible displays of the relationship between animals and their trainers. Dolphins were the ... read more
Dolphins from a safer distance
What to do when the orcas won't come? Bait.

North America » United States » California » Mission Viejo February 8th 2019

Hello and welcome back! Hope everyone had a great week. My week started out on a bit of a disappointing foot, as we didn't get to go to Church together. Butter told me the night before that he was taking the car out for the whole day so we couldn't make it to Free Chapel. I'd seen a little local Church whilst out and about, and I was able to walk there on Sunday morning. The boys were asleep when I left and Bella said they wouldn't be going. A shame, but it turned out the Church was a pretty traditional Lutheran one where the service reminded me of Chapel Choir and I reduced the average age of the congregation by about fifty years. A shame they didn't come, but the boys probably wouldn't have enjoyed ... read more
Pancake experience
Rainy skies

North America » United States » California » Mission Viejo February 1st 2019

First week and a bit of Cali life complete! Definitely putting the hours in with the boys now, which I suppose is fair enough considering how much free time I had in Beijing. Where to start? On Saturday we took a trip to the LA Natural History Museum. When I say we I mean Bella and Butter dropped me and the boys off at the museum and left. It was a pretty good one! Tyler and Robbie had fun naming all the animals and looking at the dinosaurs. I made sure we stayed a little longer than they wanted to so we saw everything! Got to get our money's worth. Yes, you have to pay for museums here! A huge answer to prayer on Sunday was that we went to church together! We managed to find ... read more
Laguna Beach
Laguna Beach
Outside the library!

North America » United States » California » Mission Viejo January 25th 2019

Made it! Officially in Los Angeles, California and a beautiful place it is too. The flight was surprisingly hiccup-free - even being sat next to Tyler. Watched some good films and even caught a little sleep, but 12 hours is a long time to spend sat down! I made it through US customs much faster than the family did and ended up waiting for almost an hour for them to come out! Something to do with their first entry as immigrant apparently. A friend of theirs drove us to the house we're renting, which is lovely and in a really nice neighborhood. The car we're renting is a massive yellow Hummer - subtle I know. Honestly don't understand why anyone would want to drive one! I can't say the jet lag has been that bad for ... read more
New house

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