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North America » United States » California » Mendocino May 22nd 2020

Why do we clink our wine glasses together before we drink? No one knows exactly—but there are theories behind this high-spirited practice and they lie in a darker, more dangerous world than ours. One theory is that during the Middle Ages, a time of chaos and mistrust, glasses were clinked together so that wine sloshed between cups in order to prove that one drinker wasn’t trying to poison the other. Another thought is that glasses were clinked together to create a noise that would scare away evil spirits lurking nearby. Many societies all over the world, including ours, practice some kind of noise-making to scare away demons—bells rung on a wedding day, shouting on the New Year—and perhaps the clinking of glasses was meant to serve the same purpose. A third theory is ... read more
My favorite bubbly
Clink the crystal

North America » United States » California » Mendocino July 21st 2018

Hidden between the fog of the Pacific Ocean and a vast swath of towering coastal redwood trees lies a magical landscape along the California coastline. A place where the bark of sea lions or bellow of fog horns is only muffled by the crash of waves against the majestic cliffs that jut violently from the crystal blue sea. A place of extraordinary beauty reached only after following the twisted byway that winds west from a scorching inland summer through dreamlike vineyards, colossal forests and oak-covered canyons towards the sea. While most of the country bakes in the humid blister of a summer heatwave this coastal dreamscape remains immersed in endless spring. Even on sun-filled afternoons of cloudless blue the cooling breezes of the vast sea drift inland to cool the headlands and tiny hamlets that dot ... read more
Schooner Gulch
Point Cabrillo Lighthouse
Point Arena Lighthouse

North America » United States » California » Mendocino July 2nd 2017

Crumbs it's hard to find the time to write these updates. Hopefully I'll get to the end before it's time to go away again. So then, last time we'd just completed a perilous 333 point turn trying to leave Yosemite and were counting our blessings as we headed due west towards San Francisco... San Francisco Having always dreamed of rolling onto the Golden Gate Bridge to the sounds of Scott McKenzie imploring us to go floral in the head department, we surprised ourselves by missing the Golden Gate altogether while driving to the strains of some pretty intense jazz. Still, jazz seemed necessarily cosmopolitan, especially having spent the previous evening eating in a restaurant that hit the sweet spot between Twin Peaks and Deliverance. Here was a city we'd been very excited about visiting and we ... read more
Hanging out with - and on top of - Bruno
Unsurprisingly, it's pretty tricky squeezing through a submarine with a 9 month old baby strapped round you stomach
I just stepped in to see what condition my condition was in.

North America » United States » California » Mendocino April 19th 2016

Geo: 39.3078, -123.798Tuesday, April 19 and Wednesday April 20 Kayaking the Albion RiverDecided to go and do some kayaking after eating breakfast at the headlands at Russian Gulch. While we were eating breakfast the first day, three gray whales came into the cove and glided around for a while and then headed on down the coastline as far as we could tell.Went to Albion Campground to rent the kayak. It is a very easy process; go to office and pay, then out to storage container to get paddles and lifejackets and then go down and pick out which kayak to use and off you go!We got to watch mother harbor seals with their young baby that were quite fun to watch. At times it appeared as though they were watching us as well. On both days ... read more
kayaking the Albion river
kayaking the Albion river
kayaking the Albion river

North America » United States » California » Mendocino April 17th 2016

Geo: 39.3078, -123.798Sunday, April 17Up fairly early and on the road with a stop in Santa Rosa for some more supplies. Bought in solar charging system to use with charging our phones and other small devices. Took Highway 128 out of Santa Rosa which is a very winding road. Found that the car handles the curves very well and so the drive was quite enjoyable. Got to Russian Gulch State Park and decided on Site #17. It is a nice space with room for more than tent and is on the creek with nice trees across the road.Got the tent set up and then drove to the picnic area at the top of the hill with the great view across the headlands . Fixed our dinner of things we had bought at the Berkeley Bowl and ... read more
Russian Gulch Bridge
flowers on the Mendocino headlands
Russian Gulch bridge

North America » United States » California » Mendocino September 4th 2014

Lundi le premier septembre, jour de la fête à Émilie Nous sommes partis du camping Standish State Park vers 8:00. Nous sommes arrivés au State Park Mackerricher à 18:30. Le premier septembre, nous avons fait 44,6 miles, soit une deuxième journée de suite de plus de 70 km. Le trajet était très difficile. D'abord une montée de quelques km et une descente où nous avons marché. Ensuite quelques km de faux plat descendant où nous avons probablement atteint notre plus grande vitesse (20 km au moins). Ensuite une autre montée très abrupte et très longue. Nous sommes par la suite arrivés sur le bord de la mer et la route 1 s'est dégradée, le pavage était affreux et il nous restait environ 20 miles à faire. Nous avons rejoint des cyclistes des derniers soirs et partagé ... read more

North America » United States » California » Mendocino July 14th 2014

Before heading home the next day, we explored the coast a little bit more. We walked out to Cabrillo Point Lighthouse first. Not much out there besides the light house itself. The coastline is gorgeous and the weather was perfect again that day. Then we headed over to Van Damme State Park and hiked the Fern Canyon Trail. I thought it would be a level hike but it turned out there was a lot more uphill than I anticipated. I managed the whole five miles, though! After that, we headed home!... read more
Point Cabrillo
Point Cabrillo Lighthouse
Point Cabrillo Lighthouse

North America » United States » California » Mendocino July 13th 2014

We started off the day with breakfast and hands down the best bacon I have ever had in my entire life. That is no exaggeration. I'm not sure I will ever eat such bliss again. Then we headed out to Seaglass Beach, one of the big reasons I wanted to come out to Mendocino. I'd heard of it but I had to see it. I guess at some point a ship sunk or dumped a bunch of glass bottles off shore or something. Now the beach is covered in tiny bits of sea glass. There were a bunch of people combing the beach for it so I can only imagine that at some point long ago the beach had way more of it. It was pretty neat. I was annoyed at the people pocketing the rocks, ... read more
Seaglass Beach
Seaglass Beach

North America » United States » California » Mendocino July 12th 2014

Took a few hours to get to Brewery Gulch in Mendocino but the weather was good and we had all day to arrive. =) I was so happy with this place. It was perfect for our Babymoon! They had a porch with a view of Smuggler's Cove, and a huge welcome Gift Basket with the most hilarious baby book I've ever read, called "I Heart My Little A-holes". I was dying of laughter reading through it. The cocktail hour was just ridiculous. And I mean ridiculous in a fabulously amazing way. Most B&Bs will give you a glass of wine and some cheese and crackers. They cook an entire meal and give you an open bar (wine AND beer), and call it cocktails. WHAT?! We were stuffed. There was no need to go out to eat ... read more
The Sitting Area in our Room
View of the Main Back Porch from our Room Porch

North America » United States » California » Mendocino May 16th 2014

Geo: 39.3085, -123.809Drive the beautiful winding road along the Pacific from Mendocino south and on back to BerkeleyHeading back to BerkeleyWe decided to head on back to Berkeley after having another nice breakfast of potatoes, peppers, onions and eggs at the picnic area. We were looking for whales but did not see any.Decided to drive Highway 1 back to Berkeley and it was a beautiful drive. The weather was perfect for cruising along and traffic for the most part was very light so we were able to take our time and enjoy the scenery. Must say we did pull out quite a few times because it was so beautiful.We stopped at the Surf Market in Gualala and look around, take a break and have a nice coffee. This was after several stops for some incredible rocks ... read more
Highway 1 Mendocino to Bodega Bay
Russian Gulch State Park
Russian Gulch State Park

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