Published: June 6th 2016
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Among the wonderful things we have passed on the road one stood out: a lion, tiger and leopard conservation center just north of the CA border. We stopped for gas in Cave Junction, whe I wnet in to get us something to drink Mark was being told by an old hippie that he could get a ticket for pumping his own gas! Mark did not really believe him but then an attendant came out to pump! One can pump diesel, gas into motorcycles, into cans but not into one's own car or truck. Oregon is beautiful! Lots of trees and valleys. We also we through a lot of farmland with cows, horese and sheep! Very pastoral. Crossed the border into CA, true to what we experienced last summer, some of the roads have great simage, and one should definitely pay attention when they say, sharp turn, road narrows, 25mph, but then some have none and should have! We have a theory that they ran out! It is definitely cooler, much to Mark's delight! Turnouts provide a nice place to let the speedy ones pass us on the road. We did have to back up to provide us with enough time to get up the hill! Del Norte Coast Redwoods Park, est. 1925. If you have never hugged a tree before, let your first time be with a redwood. Preferable an old growth one, majestic and stupendous. Foggy, densely packed with lucious ferns and foliage on the ground. The highway winds through the forest. In places a few trees had cut sides, as they grew too wide and there is no room for cars. Amelia Earhart Memorial grove and later we pass by JD Grant Grove, was this for Julia Dent Grant? Arriving at Jim and Bonnie's finally around 8PM to a wonderful dinner of grilled corn, salmon, chicken, baked potatoes and salad! Sat around a fire pit and talked late into the night. After a night cap of limoncello and tales of Bonnie's trip to Italy, I went to bed while Mark and Jim continued to sit in front of the fire with a night cap of Grand Marnier and stories!


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