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Published: October 28th 2012
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La aptLa aptLa apt

Our California home
Our home base is Seattle Washington. As we started our journey, we packed our things in storage and rented our home. After saying goodbye to our great friends in Seattle, we took off for our first stop in the adventure.

We are beginning our journeys with a short stint in Los Angeles, specifically Marina del Rey. Sandy will be working at the Little Company of Mary Hospital in Torrance. While Jerry will be enjoying the life 2 blocks from Venice Beach. Our apartment is located only a few blocks away from the canals of Venice patterned, on a small scale, after those in Italy. The boardwalk in Venice is it's own entertainment. Folks feel very comfortable in displaying their own unique personalities. It's surprising to see folks selling marijuana at legal clinics for a $79 visit with a real physician. All you need is a complaint of migraines, back pain, etc to get a prescription. Seems a bit sketchy to me but I'm from out of town you know.

There are also a fair amount of homeless. But I have to say, they are most creative. Several have eliminated the need to go person to person. They simply set
venice canalsvenice canalsvenice canals

Canals of Venice (Ca)
up a blanket below the Venice pier with bowl for donations. I've included pictures of two of the ones we thought demonstrated the most creativity.

We both lived in LA many years ago so it will be fun to revisit old haunts and see the changes a few decades can render. On Memorial Day, we had a visit from our friends Dave and Merry Jo Binkley. They are experienced travelers and have maintained their own great blog on this site. Check it out for their latest adventures. We took them to Laguna Beach for Brunch at one of my favorite restaurants in LA, Las Brisas. If you want a fantastic meal with a view overlooking the sea and the beach, go here. While we were there, a small band was playing typical patriotic tunes for the crowd. Some of the crowd really got into the spirit of things and you can see their animated response.

The Los Angeles farmer's market is still the same fun. Lots of food stalls, pastries, veggies as well as small cafes.

On the 4th of July we thought there was no better place to see fireworks than the Hollywood Bowl. Barry Manilow
o2 stando2 stando2 stand

Need a bit of fresh air?
was performing too. Although the big monitors are no friend to more mature performers, Barry can still belt out an old favorite. The whole crowd helped him with the lyrics. One of the beautiful features of the Hollywood Bowl is it's location in a natural amphitheater. As the concert progresses, they change the colors inside the Bowl, finishing with Red White and Blue for our concert. It's a mob scene though. So if you can take the shuttle buses from outlying areas, do it. Otherwise you will be in a major jam in and out of the concert.

Additional photos below
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Venice manVenice man
Venice man

Body Builder Extraordinaire!
Sandy and DisneySandy and Disney
Sandy and Disney

Citizens of LA
Jerry and the BinkleysJerry and the Binkleys
Jerry and the Binkleys

Jerry and the Binkleys at Laguna Beach
ladies dancingladies dancing
ladies dancing

Cutting a rug on Memorial Day
Farmers market LAFarmers market LA
Farmers market LA

LA farmers market - A tradition
ice cream standice cream stand
ice cream stand

Ice Cream on a hot day in LA
meat peoplemeat people
meat people

Meat people

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