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September 30th 2008
Published: September 30th 2008
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Well, About a week and a half ago, I went around to all the Elementary Schools in my area and asked the Librarians if they had any books that they wanted to donate to the African Library Project. I got about three books on those initial visits and I gave my name and number to all the Librarians so they could call me if they came across any books they thought would be useful to me. I then asked my mom to talk to the Librarian at Lakeside Elementary School, where she works part time, and she came home a couple days later with a stack of books and another stack a few days after that! I also returned to Redwood Middle School (my first visit was the same day as the rest of the schools), after clarifying exactly which books the ALP wanted, and brought home another box of books! We now have at least 2 boxes full of books sitting in the Kitchen. 😊 This is so very exciting! I want to extend the invitation to all of you who read this to contact me if you have or come across any paper back children's books that you think would be appropriate to donate to the ALP.

I also, about a week ago, had a meeting with Anne, one of the women who make a documentary DVD about the ALP who also goes to my church. This meeting was very valuable to me and we talked about lots of important things. One of the things we talked about which is something that is probably important to you that read this blog is the fact that I should most definitely take my computer with me and that I will have internet access in the Government building where Olga Tsimanyane works. This means that, at least for the beginning of my trip, i will have internet access. I don't know how long I will be staying with Olga, so I don't know that I will have internet access for the whole time I'm there, but I know I will at least have it for the first month or so. Another thing we talked about was what I might do while I'm there. I haven't really talked with Olga all that much yet, because she is super busy with planning the International School Library Day which happens at the end of October. She told me she would be meeting with some people around the time of ISLD who could help her figure out what to have me do. So during this time that i really don't know what I'll be doing, I talked with Anne about what she thought I might do. She doesn't exactly know what I'll do either, but she had some ideas. One of her ideas was that I should make some slide shows about my life, the ocean, California, the US, schools, etc. She also told me to start thinking about what I think I would like to do and what I would like to work on with Students.

I am now planning to leave around February and to be there (in Southern Africa) for about 5-6 months. I don't know how long I'll stay with Olga and what I'll do when I leave her but for now I am satisfied that at least I will figure that out when the time comes.

Well that's all I have now but I'll update here when big stuff happens!



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