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July 11th 2007
Published: July 11th 2007
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July 11th in New Zealand:

A slow mellow day of packing and last minute shopping. We met Stacey's mom at Season for a last NZ hot chocolate in the drizzle. I was exhausted from those two bottles of wine last night- one with Paul and Stacey's yummy roast, and then one with Kelly at The Living Room while we waited for the South African. I may have gotten a little more sleep if the cab driver had known where Stacey's street was...he had to use a map!!

At the airport Stacey and Rueban came in to look in the shops for a bit, and then we said godobye. Kelly and I ate a bit before she boarded, and she helped me pick out "Labrynth" to read on the plane. It's thicker than a Schama.

On the plane I had a whole row to myself, so I stretched out and fell asleep to Wild Hogs and Monsters Inc. Willam H.Macy cracks me up. I still couldn't sleep so GNR Greatest Hits helped.

July 11th in US:

I woke up for breakfast and a bit of Blades of Glory, and half of Mr. and Mrs. Smith before we landed.

Susan picked me up after I watched a bunch of clueless drivers almost kill 100 pedestrians at the International Arrivals area. The air is so gross after being in New Zealand.

I tried to nap before seeing the Order of the Pheonix, but couldn't. We had a blast waiting in line- it is so weird to be back in the US.


14th July 2007

Welcome home. Can't wait to see you again.

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