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Published: April 14th 2011
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Chuck Norris!!!Chuck Norris!!!Chuck Norris!!!

When Chuck Norris does a push up he doesn't push himself up, he pushes the earth down.
We got up and started packing for our onward journeys. Mine to Australia, and Mom's back to Richmond, Virginia. I had brought a few extra items with me for the California part of the trip that Mom would take back with her.  When she got to the airport to check her bag it was 4 lbs over.  The attendant said that of she just took one or two things out it would be fine.  Mom said she didn't mind paying for the extra weight, that was until the attendant told her it would be $90, Mom promptly redistributed things from her checked to her carry on.  

Before we arrived at the airport (both of our flights weren't till after 10 p.m) we rode into Los Angeles and walked down and looked at all of the stars on the walk of fame (I had no idea that there were hundreds of them) it felt like we spent close to 2 hours seeing them all.  After that we drove down Rodeo Drive and immediately felt richer and 
more sophisticated in our sporty Nissan Sentra. 

On the whole L.A was my least favorite place in California and San Francisco was my favorite. 

Mom arrives Tuesday morning to the lovely state of Virginia. While I arrive Wed afternoon in Australia. 

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15th April 2011

Yea, LA ain't so great
Michelle and I agree that LA ain't so great. We did the same thing and spent our last day in LA chesting out all the tourist sites. Next time we got we gotta follow your example and visit San Fran.

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