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August 17th 2003
Published: August 17th 2003
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Venice Beach
"You never get things when you want them... only when you need them the most."

-- After battling with the Australian Embassy for my visa to come in on time, Erin and I ended up staying in Los Angeles a littler longer than expected... I changed my flight to Fiji for 2 days later, had my visa overnighted to L.A. once approved, and toured L.A. in the meantime.

Having never been there before, we rode the bus everywhere trying to get around the massive city. I never realized how huge L.A. was before we ended up lost in the heart of the "ghetto." An Oprah-look alike became our saving grace, offering to give us a ride to Hollywood and Beverly Hills ... "Anything to get out of here," we thought. So, Kelly took us around the entire city -- Hollywood, Venice Beach, Santa Monica, Bel Air, Beverly Hills... you name it, we went there! Treating us to dinner and margaritas, Kelly and her husband, Vince, became our new best friends... and all she said when she left was "Just don't forget to pay it forward."

Flying out the next day, we were ready to get out of LA - - only to find out that our flight to Fiji was cancelled. So, we ended up spending 4 days in Los Angeles, but finally arrived in Fiji -- on "Fiji time" - 2 days late.


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