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Published: June 8th 2007EDIT THIS ENTRY

Welcome to my new travel blog! I just wanted to send a note from home, perhaps with some brief updates.

My last day at my nanny job will be June 29th, just moments before my July 1st departure. Next week I will be focusing on packing up and moving out the majority of my items and taking them to my house in Torrance. I reall do not have too much here (mainly photo albums/books/clothes/movies). I have gotten to the point (finally) where I do not really want much "stuff" anymore. I would like to try to sell some of my clothes and older shoes and perhaps donate some random stuff. I already got rid of 4 generous boxes of "stuff." I have gotten a bit better about buying things and being a pack rat.

Anyhow... I talked to my friend Melanie tonight, she is my friend that is heading to Egypt. Egypt was one of the ideas that sparked this whole trip. I would love to go and especially in her company as she is a wonderful and adventurous person as well as a great friend. I wanted to bring forth my questions and thoughts to her to get her opinion. She has traveled Europe already on her own, as well as an extensive amount of other travels, so I value her opinion quite a bit. She felt that I should use that Egypt money to enjoy my time in Europe and use those 2 weeks to see more there. I can always jump on to the Egypt trip last minute if I wanted to. This helps me a bit because I know that I would now be more willing to spend a little more on my train ticket than had I gone to Egypt. I hope I do not regret the idea to not tag along with her. The program is through the company she works for, www.i-to-i.com , and it is quite unique and along my interests. Next time...

So, I arrive in London on July 2nd and need to find a way to Brussels. I have been told to go to Bruges and from my reading it sounds breathtaking. My current thought is to go from London to Bruges for a night or two then to Brussels for about 2 nights to give our presentation about China, then fly back to London on July 6th. I am hoping to attend the LIVE EARTH concert on July 7th in London and perhaps spend my bday, the 8th around the city exploring or maybe finding Rotaractors. Around that same time I hope to head to my family friends' home, Julie, in Cambridge. I would like to visit them for close to a week and rather than go to Egypt, I think I will jump over to Ireland (and maybe Scotland). I have always wanted to go to Ireland. Sheesh, my name is Erin!

After my stint in those areas I would like to start my journey into the Netherlands (maybe meet Melanie in Amsterdam), Berlin, Germany to see friends, Poland, Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary, Croatia, Greece, Italy, Switzerland, France, Spain and ending in Portugal. Sounds like a lot right?! I agree, so I know it will not be all possible but might as well see what happens. 😊 I am going to see where there are festivals to attend and also look into volunteer work (I saw something about restoration on a castle)... etc.

We will see. Just wanted to give an update of my ideas. So bottom line, Egypt out, more of Europe in. Anyone want to do Egypt next year? lol

Lots of Love!


30th June 2007

Hope you have the time of your life on your adventure. You only live once so enjoy yourself to the fullest! See you in LA in Sept when you return...
30th June 2007

Ahh can't believe you are leaving! if I don't talk to you, have a good flight and get on CS as soon as you can!!
4th July 2007

Yes, please
If the timing is right, I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to go with you to Egypt! That would be so AWESOME!
9th July 2007

I hope your Euro time was fantastic, I can't wait to catch up!!! :)

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