The Professional Bum

Published: May 12th 2008
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After a tough game of beach soccer, it is customary to go for a post-game analysis at the closest place that serves beer. Ok, maybe not, but that's the outcome of this particular game of Swedes versus locals. One local joins our little group of Scandinavians. He's not from California. Moved out there to catch a break. Pretty much like everyone else in LA.

"So what do you do for a living?". "I'm a professional bum" is his rehearsed and completely unshy answer. It's almost with a sense of pride he tells that he used to sleep on the beach or wherever he could, before finding (and being able to afford) an apartment. He's waiting to catch the big break as an actor - duh! He's had a few minor roles, the "biggest" one being in the blockbuster "Chain of command". He has the theory that special skills will land movie roles. His special skill is a German accent. And why not...? There will always be a demand for an Adolf or Klaus to counteract the good guys...


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