setting off for the USA

Published: August 5th 2005EDIT THIS ENTRY

Ric an mummyRic an mummyRic an mummy

just about to go through!!
OK, hi to all of you's who made it to my first weblog!! i hope i do this properly and it dont end up looking like crap,
So i started off from Auckland on june 7th 2005, heading for LAX where (i was asked for money almost as soon as i got off the plane) and had an 8 hour stop over and enough time to get out of the airport and and explore a lil bit. I decided to take a taxi to Venice beach seeing as it was sunny as and not a cloud in the sky. I walked the venice beach boardwalk and ran into some crazy ass dude who i had to put up with telling me that "this is where i live!!, on the street player!!!" whilst he sipped his forty ounce from a paper bag and screamed at some other crazies...
but they werent all bad as i also met a "famous to be" rapper whom i bought his cd off for the bargain price of $7.
From LA i went to Charlotte, North Carolina where i spent an hour or so talking to a nice old couple and eating my first american donut.
Then it was the home stretch to Logan international airport in Boston where i was picked up by my Uncle Brian and we set off for home!!!

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rapper an merapper an me
rapper an me

This is the guy who sold me his own music cd that him and his brother made, he said they had sold around 10,000 copies so far
Venice beach out-door gymVenice beach out-door gym
Venice beach out-door gym

this is where huge guys go to work out and show off, so i fitted right in.
basket ball courtsbasket ball courts
basket ball courts

i stopped and watched some dudes trash talk each other while they were playing gym in the background
news standnews stand
news stand

I thought these newstands were quite cool when i arrived....apparently they aren't
venice beach statuevenice beach statue
venice beach statue

just down from here i saw like 2 one dollar notes just lying in the sand, i thought it was some kinda joke so i never picked them up.
LAX and lostLAX and lost
LAX and lost

so i took another taxi back to LAX and ended up having to walk around the whole airport looking for my termanal, it is one big place!!
over charlotte, North Carolinaover charlotte, North Carolina
over charlotte, North Carolina

ya gotta have atleast one photo from the plane...
Home, USAHome, USA
Home, USA

this is my aunty and uncle's house in North Reading and actually one of the smaller house's in the street, our dog murphy on the highly manicured lawn
Home, USAHome, USA
Home, USA

this is the view from the front door, more huge houses...

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