What a 'workout' !!

Published: August 22nd 2012EDIT THIS ENTRY

Still can't handle this jetlag, awake at 4am is not good! But the advantages are we can get out early, so off to Santa Monica Beach we went, via Paramount to take a photo, tried to get on the tour but all booked up.

Traffic in LA is a law unto itself, scary beyond belief when it is actually moving, which thankfully isn't very often!

Santa Monica is a very nice seaside town. So we did some shopping, walked along the pier, saw the end of Route 66 & had brunch, then decided we would walk to Venice Beach to see the muscle men working out - Bugger me ( I would have sworn a lot more but my Mum is reading this blog) Hubby says' It is only a little way up the beach, we can walk' OK fine off we go, I am never listening to that man again, it has to be at least 2 1/2 miles, one way, in temperatures off 80 degrees !!!!!!! My feet are killing me, a round trip of 5 miles for a little 'jaunt' is not good, especially as I was driving, again, and couldn't have a beer, he will
The End !The End !The End !

Route 66 before you end up in the Pacific
suffer for this!

Venice beach is a Santa Monicas 'crazy cousin' a lot of hippies, homeless, drop outs & weirdos, but it has it's charm, which cannot be ignored & loved.

Back 'home' now for a well earned beer, after taking over an hour to drive 15 miles to get here ! I don't think I should ever moan about traffic jams again, after sitting at traffic lights that changed to green 5 times before I could drive across the junction!

So just short blog today folks, as we now have to decide what we want to eat & where,(hopefully stay awake after 7pm) and tomorrow we have to pack up & are off to Solvang.

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Zoltar !Zoltar !
Zoltar !

I wish I was Big !
P-Doggy @ Muscle BeachP-Doggy @ Muscle Beach
P-Doggy @ Muscle Beach

Not impressed, father is bigger than these whimps !!

22nd August 2012

truly amazing
Oh it looks all so amazing you did not find the 2 wheeler bikes on Santa Monica Pier then or the Roller Blades that would have been fun ..lol, to see you both doing them, but hey give yourselves an Olympic Medal for doing the walking think of the exercise and you burnt off some calories just like those Burly Blokes.. keep it up.
22nd August 2012

Sun cream!
I hope P-Doggy is having plenty of sun cream, also yourselves. Enjoy. Love Mum xx

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