Getting To Fiji Part One

Published: August 30th 2005EDIT THIS ENTRY

As August 18th came closer, we were all very nervous about leaving the country for such a long amount of time. I myself have never really left the United States (except for one fantastic week in the Dominican Republic, thanks to Lyndsey), but compared to my traveling partners’ travels, I am definitely the beginner. On the morning of the 18th, MN her mom and my parents and sister met at Einstein Bagels to hopefully fill our stomachs with some good American bagels. Everyone probably knows how much MN and myself love food, so leaving American food is something I am and MN probably too are both very nervous about! After a scrumptious breakfast, we are off to the airport. Surprisingly enough, we are actually early to our terminal. As we load our bags and check-in, we become a bit nervous when Lyndsey is not there yet. She ends up making it and before we know it, we are saying our last tearful goodbyes to our parents at the gate. Everyone sheds some tears and thus we are off on our own for the next few months.
Nothing too exciting happens on our first flight to Houston, but on our short layover we all eat at an ‘unspectacular’ deli in the terminal. The flight from Houston to LA provided a bit more entertainment as one of me and MN’s favorite movies was playing, Million Dollar Baby. I knew it was a good sign that that movie was playing and immediately put me in a good and inspired mood. When we landed in LA and realized our layover was 7 hours long, we decided to make the most of it and check out LA. Lyndsey had never been there, and me and MN wanted to relive our wonderful spring break from junior year. Also, LA as most people reading this know, is if not my favorite city, one of them for sure.
As we took off in the taxi towards Santa Monica, I made us reservations at the prestigious restaurant, Ivy at the Shore in Santa Monica. For those of you who aren’t aware of it, it is where the rich and famous dine, clearly where the three of us belong. We have a bit of time to waste before our reservations, so we decide to stroll down the Third Street Promenade. This was especially sentimental for MN and I, as this was
After eating at The IvyAfter eating at The IvyAfter eating at The Ivy

haha, what a bunch....don't we look like we belong with the rich and famous. please look at the bags we had to lug out of there at the end of our meal!
the place where we were so much on our tennis spring break just one short year previous. We looked around, then looked at ourselves, and began to wonder what kind of nice restaurant would accept the three scraggly travelers. We went to Anthropologie and I actually bought a very cute dress that I had planned on wearing to dinner, but no one else could find anything, so we decided to brave it and see if they would let us in. As we stumbled into the restaurant, bags and all, we ask the reservations guy if he would let us eat there. We all saw the waiters smirking, but in the end we got our seat. I guess the definition “California casual” included us. As the restaurant became more and more filling, we laughed more and more at the situation. Dinner was great, and the best part was how we had to gather all our bags at the end to walk out. Luckily, we did not hit anybody. MN was sure to make sure that everyone knew we were traveling, as she held out our flight plans so everyone could see them. After a pic in front of the restaurant (see
Santa Monica PierSanta Monica PierSanta Monica Pier

It was really sad being by the pier again..brought up some great memories for me and MN...really started to miss our great team!
attached and look at our ridiculousness), we decided we should head back to LAX for our 11:30 flight to Nadi, Fiji. Oh boy is this where things really get interesting. So, as we’re checking in, I start to look through my bag for my ticket and passport……and looking…..and looking…..and more looking……and panicky looking……and NO PASSPORT!!! You guessed it; the beginner traveler, me, has somehow misplaced my passport between Houston and LA. To make a long story short, I make MN and Lyndsey board the flight to Fiji and I am stuck in LA.


31st August 2005

Shabby Sheek
I think we can call you, MN, Lindsay the shabby sheek travelers. The rich and famous just wish they had your style. I love hearing from you.
31st August 2005

Glad you were able to join them.
What an experience you are having. Enjoy yourselves and keep the Emails coming.
2nd September 2005

Sharing your travel is great - would love to be young, cute and travelling with you!
2nd September 2005

It's all about the food!
Wish I were in your shoes! How much fun it would be to have the opportunity to see that part of the world. Experiment a little, Caroline, I'm sure they have mustard to cover up anything you don't like!! Have fun, be careful and know we love you!
6th September 2005

Haha, I just wanted to write and say hey!! I miss you CARO!!! EM and I want to come see you over Christmas!! Hope your having so much fun!! Love, Katie
15th December 2005

I Miss YOU!!
Hey Caroline! I wish i was with you! that would be soo much fun! well im glad you have had a good time so far! i love you and i miss you! Have a good Christmas!!-Hilary Watkins!

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