Rodondo Beach to North Manhatten

Published: November 16th 2007EDIT THIS ENTRY

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Contimplating ... "THE RIDE" Manhatten BeachContimplating ... "THE RIDE" Manhatten BeachContimplating ... "THE RIDE" Manhatten Beach

Coffee always tastes better at the ocean.
Well, we did it ..... well , ... not ALL of it ..... but we rode the bike path from Rodondo Beach to North of Manhatten Beach this morning . Not as far as we would like to have gone , but good just the same. Del didn't have his odometer with him so I'm just guessing ..... but I think we did about 25 miles. That's a bit whimpy , but we'll make it up when we get back to this area in a week and have more time. The temp is a perfect sunny 80 degrees ( wished I'd have put on my shorts today to ride but they were all packed ready for ..... "THE CRUISE" .... which we dock tomorrow) ....... and we are soaking up every ray of it. We are soooooo ready for the cruise , just to relax after the long drive here.

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" The Shadow"" The Shadow"
" The Shadow"

I'm as fast as any surfer !!!!
A rest is always welcomeA rest is always welcome
A rest is always welcome

..... at the "home stretch".

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