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Sean and I got our first niece this week! Erika and Andre had a baby in California. Charlotte Grace Binion was born at 11:57pm on June 30th. She weighed 8 1/2 lbs and has a ton of dark hair. We are going out to LA on Thursday to see her before we leave on our trip. I have also added a few more wedding photos. I am trying to learn how to do all of this before we set off.... read more
RECOVERED was another stressful day in Los Angeles. Now stressful is relative of course....but it was stressful for me! We had a coastguard inspection today which means that we have the coastguard on board and the crew has to run an emergency drill and an abandon ship drill. Luckily since we are relatively new we don't have any duties....we just go to our emergency station and await orders. This consists of sitting in the Versailles restaurant and waiting until the drill is over. Then we have the abandon ship drill where we have to all go out to Deck 7 and put on life jackets. Today we stood around for about 20 minutes in the cold waiting for the coastguard to finish doing his thing. So after all of that was over we had very little ... read more

It's been a few days since I've written anything...lets see, what have I been up to. To be honest, I found myself a bit bored the last 2 days. It's horrible to say because current situation is quite amazing...but I've got to find something to keep myself occupied. I mean you can only go to the gym so many times a day. I only work 3 times every 8 days! I've read a few books already and I'm starting to volunteer to help our around the ship. I'm sure it will take a while to get into a routine and find things to do when we are at sea...of course it's easy to keep busy at the ports:) This week we will be doing the alternate itinerary again.....the word on the street is that it ... read more

North America » United States » California » Los Angeles » Long Beach December 27th 2006

Seasons greetings and Happy Holidays!! As you may have guessed and if you didn't already know, I'm off again on a 2 month round the world trip. I have a 3 month summer break from uni so I figured "Why not?". First stop: Sunny California. I love this place so much. The winter weather reminds me of Brisbane. Christmas day was about 25 degrees. Nights are alot chiller though. I'm here to visit my good friend Marcus, who I orginally meet when travelling in Greece back in the summer of 2002. Since this was my second visit and it's Christmas, the agenda included visiting family and friends, baking cakes and eating and drinking. Let's begin with the cakes....Marcus' family has been baking Christmas cakes for 4 generations (rather cool if you ask me) to give to ... read more

North America » United States » California » Los Angeles » Long Beach December 27th 2006

I've set up a travel blog but I sent the first entry before I'd put in any email addresses. Oops!Definately something I would do. It did let me which in hindsight I think is strange. But anyway, read the last entry and I'll be in touch again soon. M xx... read more

North America » United States » California » Los Angeles » Long Beach December 26th 2006

Santa Catalina Island - 20 miles offshore into the Pacific Ocean from Long Beach, CA. Mileage: ~800 miles RT from home Itinerary: 22 December: drive down 101S towards Long beach. 23 December: to Catalina Island 24 December: Catalina Island 25 December: Back to Long beach; back home. Where is Catalina Island? I did not know anything much about this place. All I knew was I wanted to camp here. And there was a convenient campground close to the city. So, that was my first reservation-Hermit Gulch campground. This was some 1 mile from the city of Avalon. Dec 21st: The usual pre-vacation jitters I had this severe cold/fever attack. So everything slowed down a bit. Tried hard to sleep early. Dec 22nd:Left hom... read more
Main Street, Solvang
Solvang streets
winter in Solvang

North America » United States » California » Los Angeles » Long Beach November 2nd 2006

Our plane was delayed for an hour and a half because one of the engines wasnt working (dont worry though, it was only the auxillary engine used to power the electrics) we made up an hour in flight, and arrived at 3.30 local time. The flight was quite smooth but very boring!! except, when we flew over Las Vegas, which looks awesome. We went straight through customs and collected our hire car, which was supposed to be a small economy class but dad was easily persuaded to upgrade to a chevy 4x4 :D We hit the highway at rush hour, which has to be seen to be believed, but we survived 7 lanes of traffic, and arrived safely at our hotel. We are off for an early night now and we will update our blog tomorrow. ... read more

North America » United States » California » Los Angeles » Long Beach September 9th 2006

Well here we are! The land of dreams, envy, lust, greed, fascination. A land like no other, a magetropolis that promises so much for some and contempt from others. All I have to say is WOW! Decked out in sunny long beach, the scene was set for anarchy and debeauchery. Aided by a few recruits from our Amtrak experience we attempted to achieve both on our first night there. Sacramento Police Dept Officers you sure know how to bring the party. Or be led astray, we are not too sure yet... Hung over and in a state that can only be described as emotionally drained, Universal Studio's was of mild interest the next day. Thinking back it is actually quite an exciting place, but at the time was hardly a highlight as we dragged our sorry ... read more
Long Beach
Universal Studios
Universal Studios

Turns out Colby, a good friend of mine, was getting married and wanted me to be in the wedding. Couldn't say no to that and caught a flight home for the nuptuals. Flying home is always a joy. I got a seat in the middle section of the plane on the aisle. I was elated to find no one had got on the plane with a ticket sitting next to me. I had the aisle on my right and an empty seat on my left with a couple at the other end of my row. Plenty of space for myself. Started watching a movie and a couple of hours later I was ready for a nap. Dipped my hat over my eyes and took a deep breath as I started to drift off. I was awakened ... read more
Wedding on the sea cliff
Pan Dulce
Hang'n tough

Ok. So its 2:30 in the morning and my brother is driving me to the airport at 6:30 am. Are we working to finish what we need to do? No, we are setting up this cool blog so folks can follow my trip with Sarah to Japan and China. Amazing the new ways I come up with to procrastinate. As a preview here is a quick itinerary of the weeks ahead. Mon. July 24 - Depart LAX for San Francisco then on to Osaka, Japan (12 hour flight). Tues. July 25 - Arrive at 4pm in Osaka, Japan Wed., July 26 - Travel to Kyoto (old Japanese capital) Thurs., July 27 - Kyoto Fri., July 28 - Train to Fukuoka, Japan (3-4 hours from Kyoto) Sat., July 29 - Fly to Beijing (capital of China located ... read more

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