Signing off...for now

Published: May 8th 2012
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I close my eyes as the plane gains speed, its wheels regretfully lifting off the ground and I can feel the pull of gravity as we move further and furher into the sky. The land falls far below, white clouds move in. I always hate this part: the end of a trip. It's bittersweet, though too often I taste the bitter more than the sweet and I can't help but wish for a delay or that I might have boarded the wrong plane. But I haven't and as China falls far below and I travel back in time over the blue Pacific I think back on the past four months and what they mean to me.

I circled the world in hopes of finding an adventure and now I face the important question: did I succeed? I explored France from the Eiffel Tower to the blue Mediterranean to the snowcapped peaks of the Pyrenees and even dipped my toes into the grey Atlantic. I chugged my way up into the white valleys of the Alps and ate hot, salty pretzels in the French-Germany of Colmar and Strasbourg. In Belgium I watched the world from the heights of ancient fortresses and touched holy relics and followed in the footsteps of famous artists up into Amsterdam. In Italy the Tuscan sun awoke a long dormant love within me as I explored vampire villages and feuding towers, wanting so badly to lose myself forever in the olive groves. And Vietnam, a country far different from all the others, going there opened my eyes to the world, making it ten times bigger than I had ever imagined. An adventure? I think so.

But now, unfortunately comes the end of this blog. Or more accurately, I am pushing pause because I know now that my travels aren't over; they simply can't be. There is too much I haven't seen yet and, to be cliche, there are more adventures waiting. I want to thank you all for reading my ramblings and for the support you've given me. Honestly couldn't have done it without your encouragement!

Keep in touch and as always, safe travels!!

Much Love!


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