Arrival in Los Angeles.

Published: June 23rd 2012EDIT THIS ENTRY


I finished my three day tour down from San Francisco to Los Angeles yesterday. Travelled via Santa Babara, Santa Cruz, Monterey and Big Sur. It was a cool little trip, I got along very well with the tour leader, Rachel Bernhardt (Interpid/Trek America/Grand American Tours), and last night we went to see 'Rock of Ages' (the movie, not the stage show) and it was brilliant! I'd love to post some photos from the mini tour, especially the elephant seals we saw sunning themselves on a beach yesterday! They were so cute but also ridiculously ugly. Unfortunately the hostel only has one PC and it's the reception one, so I can't really take over! I might try to get online in the middle of the night so I'm not interferring with the receptionists... I'll see what I can do.

Anyway, first proper day is LA was a colossal failure. I was meant to be going to the Warped Tour show in Pomona to see Every Time I Die... but I couldn't navigate Downtown LA... got completely lost and ended up wandering around for hours. LA is completely impossible to navigate unless you have a car. Grrr. Yeah so that was annoying as hell.

Ok I have to go... other people need the PC. Fingers crossed that my time in LA improves, I have my doubts though. Someone take me back to Seattle!

Much love,


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