Los Angeles, Las Vegas and The Grand Canyon!

Published: April 3rd 2008
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We arrived in LA on the 26th, it was pretty strange having two 26ths! We found our way to our hostel in Hollywood where we stayed for 2 nights... after seeing the stars on the walk of fame - Hollywood Boulevard, and getting the bus close to where the Hollywood sign was we felt like we were ready to move on! Hollywood isn't particularly glamorous and is actually quite dirty and full of tramps!! The plastic people who think they're beautiful were funny though!

We spent 6 hours on a Greyhound bus to Las Vegas!! Interesting journey spent listening to the ex-cons exchange stories about prison and what they'd done to get put away! Vegas was much better than LA! It really does wake up at night when all the lights come on! We spent most of our time there wandering about the Hotel Casinos which are very impressive! The Venetian was pretty cool, complete with canals and Venice type buildings, the bridge of Sighs and Rialto Bridge and lots of nice shops for us to look round! The Bellagio (the one in the Ocean's films) was amazing! Full of flowers and the biggest chocolate fountain ever! Caesars Palace is huge - with so many expensive shops! We also visited New York New York, the Luxor (shaped like a pyramid!), Treasure Island, The Monte Carlo and Paris - which has its own Eiffel Tower! We thought we'd better gamble as we were in Vegas, so we each spent a dollar in a slot machine - not knowing what we were doing it didn't last long! At least we can say we did it though!

A trip to the Grand Canyon couldn't be missed, so we booked onto a tour! It was a very long day - we left at 7am and returned at 9pm - a lot of hours on a bus but it was definitely worth the journey! The Canyon is absolutely massive - larger than we could've ever imagined! And so deep! I doubt our photos will have done it justice! But we took loads anyway! It was so cold - there was snow about! Not the kind of temperatures we've been used to!

I'm not sure when we'll be able to get photos up for you to see - of all the places we've been to the states is the most difficult to get online! And once again this computer doesn't have a USB port!

After a bit of a nightmare trying to book a flight (don't anyone use Cheapair.com!! - they let us pay for a flight that didn't exist at that price!) we eventually flew with Virgin in a very fancy new plane to San Francisco............! More blogging soon, and hopefully some photos!

Lots of Love from Selina and Victoria xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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