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Hello Fellow TravelzEarth Bloggers! It's Marilee Free here with travel stories from Michigan to California, Maui & Kauai, back to Michigan. Then road tripping from Michigan to the Florida Keys, spending a month. Jet setting off to New York City for a food & fun tour in the midst of the Christmas season. More road tripping back to where I love to be, California's South Bay. That is how I spent September, October, November & part of December. To ring in Jesus' birthday and the New Year, I found myself on yet another road trip to Pasadena, Joshua Tree, the Grand Canyon (Williams), Coronado Island (breathtaking cityscape views of San Diego) and somewhere between Rosarito and Encinitas, Mexico. It's been an amazing 4 months. I'm so grateful to my friends and family along the way. I ... read more
Islamorada Florida Keys sunset
Waterfalls of Hana, Maui, Hawaii
Black Sand Beach, Hana, Maui

Geo: 33.8759, -118.405Yesterday was golf and shopping again. We had a late golf tee time and only just got in at dusk. Bob and I played with his regular partners, Santiago and Nevin. Robyn and Connie joined us at the Aliso Veijo Golf Club for an Italian dinner and drinks. Nevin's wife Denise, too.Today we had a leisurely drive to Hermosa Beach. Robyn bought a nice quilt for our guest bedroom, and a second suitcase to carry it home in. Also had a look around the massive WholeFoods store in Irvine. This is an upmarket, organic supermarket that includes restaurants and bars in the store. You take your plate of hot food through the checkout, then eat in-store.We returned the Caddy to Alamo (2,250 miles driven) and Erin picked us up after her work. We were ... read more

Geo: 33.8762, -118.405Smooth run through LAX immigration and customs and Erin picked us up at 7:20am.An orientation drive around the local area then we dropped Erin at work and took her car to look for SIM cards and a hire car. More than the usual drama in getting online, involving two trips to T-Mobile and one trip to the Apple Store. All ended well, eventually. Not so easy getting a hire car and we ended up booking a Hyundai Santa Fe SUV from Alamo LAX for the three weeks.At Alamo we got sweet-talked into upscaling to a Chevy Tahoe, which turned out to be a monster of a car/truck. After considering it overnight, we went back and switched to a Cadillac SUV. Smaller and better optioned and we're well satisfied.This is the Columbus Day long weekend ... read more
Erin's office tower
View of LAX
Rock'N Fish restaurant

We decided to stay in LA another day today so that we could just chill on the beach and do our own thing cos LA had been go go go all week and we're so stoked that we did! It was another stunning day and so we spent the day at the beach, doing a bit of shopping and I even surfed for an hour for only $10! I was absolutely terrible and you would have had no idea that I actually owned my own board for a summer!! Shocking! But it was fun and had to be done on the coast of California before I left! We cooked our own dinner at the hostel and treated ourselves to get another froyo! frozen yogurt with fresh fruit....AMAZING! Such a good day! Onto tucson tomorrow :)... read more

I've never blogged before, and don't even share much on facebook, but this is my first test post and I'll try to write as often as possible. There's not much to share at the present time, but here's a couple of items to chew on for anyone who took the time to venture here already. a) I am extremely unprepared at the present time. The next couple of days are going to be very hectic. Probably 48 hours of straight laundry and packing. If anyone has any advice on items I should bring with me, hit me up. b) The first cities on my itinerary are as follows... Friday for KC, Fort Lauderdale on Tuesday morning and then Grenada Tuesday night, where the real trip begins. c) My new phone number for the next week and ... read more

I went to LA in January of 2006! My cousin is an actress and I had a blast visiting her for a week. Chic LA dinners, Hermosa Beach, Hollywood Hills, Rodeo Drive, what more could this southern girl ask for! Check out my pictures and thanks for visiting!... read more
First stop..Hermosa Beach

North America » United States » California » Los Angeles » Hermosa Beach September 23rd 2008

Well Pat and I have been quite busy since we last updated the blog! Thanks for all your messages - hey guess what Jim - I got the duvet but will explain how later!!!! So Pat and I left Big Sur on 15th but before leaving we sampled some of the local beverages and the very local bar - Pat has now decided to put his two pence worth in so the rest here is not my words!!!! Pat - So we decided to sample some of the local beverages with some of the local weirdos who apart from being rejects of the 70's love culture thought that it wasn't too much against the law to pump themselves full of every drug known to man kind! Oh and one of them had a dog. Also spotted ... read more

North America » United States » California » Los Angeles » Hermosa Beach September 16th 2008

It has dawned on us while looking through our blog that we never wrote anything about our brief stay in LA. So, albeit a bit late, I've decided to try and write about what I remember of our visit.... We got up pretty early in the morning to get on the bus to the train station in San Francisco and having walked to the bus stop with our bags we were convinced by a homeless guy to buy him a cup of coffee and a pastry since he had tried to help us find the bus stop. When we returned from the shop he complained that there was no sugar in the coffee or jam for the croissant! We had a relatively short train ride followed by a bus trip in the central station of LA ... read more
Palm Tree
Hermosa Beach

Not really a shock, but didn't sleep that well last night - May have something to do with the ghosts, or the fact it was really hot, or the fact we only had one double and one single bed - So myself, Nige and Joe were squeezed into the double. Before we left the Queen Mary, I had to get one of the ice creams I had last year - I was devastated when we got there and the shop was closed. We nosed round a few other shops and by the time we were ready to leave it was open. Ahh heaven - an original elvis its called, Banana chip and peanut 'abso'bloody'lutely' gorgeous mmmm mmmm mmmm. When we left the Queen Mary we drove over the bridge and parked up at Shoreline Village by ... read more
At Shoreline Village
On the Contraption
At Rainbow Harbor

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