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Published: August 27th 2016
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2 Blondes On Holiday USA Road Trip

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Adam asked for a list. He received it. Francine gave Adam, Angie's son a list of things to see while in LA. He has dilligently tried to make sure she saw and did everything, then some. Not just one view of the Hollywood sign but several from around the city. Adam points out every little tidbit he's learned in his 21year residency here in LA. The list included: Hollywood, Mann's Chinese Theater, Hollywood Walk of Fame, Hollywood ign, Hollywood Bowl, Dodgers baseball Game, shopping at It's a Wrap, Beverly Hills, Rodeo Drive, Griffith Park, In and Out Burger, Santa Monica, Venice Beach, Porto's Bakery... Then some of lesser known but still iconic LA experiences like traffic jams on the 5, massive crowds on the beaches and piers, Del Taco, Pinkberry Yogurt Bar, Bob's Big Boy Burgers (where the Beatles ate) a renovated 50s joint before Macca. Real Mexican food and wild brush fires.

We are in a camping mode here in LA as Adam only stayed to be our tour guide, otherwise he is moving to Florida to continue his education for a doctorate in Physical Therapy. So he has sold most of his furniture and pack most of his
Angie & AdamAngie & AdamAngie & Adam

The best tour guide EVER
stuff, so our adventure continues.

Adam lives in Glendale a street away from the ol LA Airport. It closed down in the early 1950s. The next street across it the old runway and one of the longest straight strrets in LA. The old terminal has been resorted as office space on the Walt Disney lot.

One thing that we all wanted to do was mining for aquamarine and tourmaline at Oceanview Mine in Pala, California. We got dirty, hot and tired. But it was so much fun. We all found great specimens of gemstones( aquamarines, tourmaline, and crystal quartz). Angie found a particularly nice specimen of terminated dark smoky quartz. We made sure we stayed close to the monog area and did not go near rocky or bushy arwa. This is rattle snake territory. On the way home we stopped at an orchard and bought frsh oranges. Best we've ever eaten. Mangoes, water melon and avocados. Mmm

A night out at the Dodger Stadium was also bobble head and Japanese night, hmm... a strange combination. But the game was good and Francine was able to see a real US major league ballgame. The 7th inning stretch was
Welcome to LAWelcome to LAWelcome to LA

Champagne With Adam
a novelty for her and had to ask why everyone was standing and singing, take me out to the ball game. Plusnthe entire staudium stood and sang the American National Anthem Goospumps.

Shopping at IT'S A WRAP, is so much fun. The shop is in Burbank and it liquidates clothing from all the studios. Each article is marked from where it came and the show. Angie bought a purse and a t shirt from THE GOOD WIFE, and a couple shirts from CASTLE and GENERAL HOSPITAL. You can get really good brand name and designer clothing for next to nothing. Angie shops her every time she visits LA. Francine bought two pairs of shoes. One from the Warner Bros studios and the other from Take Me On. A dating game show. They were a beautiful blingy pair of gold sandlles. Hot stuff for race day in Broome.

Down to Santa Monica Pier with 1000s of others and the end of Route 66. We see all the smoke from the wild fires in the hills surrounding the city. We go to look at the historic merry go round and see more than we bargaine for. There was a girl riding round on one of the horses and undoing her little denim shorts and slightly exposing herself. She had her photographer taking photos for her porn site. And there were also small children on the same ride. WTH.

Angie's beau, Mike arrived the night before Francine's departure and we all go out to dinner. We met up with Jim Woodrow, who travelled in the same group with Angie and Francine in 2009 on our trip sector from Cairo to Istanbul. We had a great time reminiscing and sharing recent travels. Great restaurant in Manhattan Beach, Nick's provided a great meeting spot and a great meal.

Adam spent some time setting some earlier mined turquoise stones in silver for Francine and Angie, They turned out beautiful.

It was so wonderful to share the USA with Francine and to be able to take her to so many States (13) and to see what each has to offer in the way of adventure and beauty. But she did get to see first hand that the USA in the summer can be as hot as Hades or even Broome.

It was once again a struggle to pack Francine's luggage this time loaded with rocks, real rocks and goodies collected along the way including some very sexy LA bling shoes and dresses

A great trip for the 2 Blondes on Holiday. Francine flies out from LAX and Angie continues the road trip for the return to Ohio with the help from her sweetie, Mike Nolan. Angie and Mike spend an additional 10 days driving and seeing the sights of the Grand Canyon, Antelope Canyon, Bryce Canyon, Arches National Park.

Look for the 2 Blondes on Holiday in the near future, possibly swimming with the whale sharks!!! In Australia

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29th August 2016
Adam silversmithing

I am one of the lucky recipients of Adam's handiwork and I must say he really does an amazing job! I guess I kind of miss him talking about his mining escapades as well as the work he puts in on his finds. Thank you for this blog, I have been a long time follower of your escapades and love reading about your adventures! I'm glad to see you had a good time touring around Los Angeles!

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