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Had a cool day. Don't ask what the taxi from Anahiem to the central city cost but we got a city tour and visited many of the sites all over the city and met a really nice taxi driver. We found our Hotel is a dollar bus-ride from Santa Monica Beach and Venis Beach. So we rocked on down to the surf and had a fun day people watching and flying the NZer Flag. Penny the Penguin had a fun time hanging out with the hunks from Muscle Beach. I would have taken my shirt off and joined them but Trish felt I could well have upstaged them. So being a polite New Zealander I just carried on quietly. Saw some amazing things and rode the Roller Coaster and Ferris Wheel. Second childhood I guess. Went ... read more
Pump those Muscles
Santa Minica Peer
Robot man

Heute habe ich den Stadtteil Beverly Hills besucht. Ich bin vom Hostel den Beverly Boulevard längs spaziert bis nach Beverly Hills. Das erste was ich gesehen habe, war das Polizeirevier von LA, wie im Film Beverly Hills Cop. Dann war das obligatorische Beverly Hills Zeichen dran. Danach ging es zum Rodeo Drive, dem Luxus-Shoppingviertel von LA. Wenn man so will hat LA nicht so viel zu bieten, ausser diese paar Orte die ich aufgesucht habe. Fehlt nur noch der Besuch der Universal Studios am Montag. Abends war ich noch mal am Hollywood Boulevard und hab mir diesen Teil bei Nacht angeschaut. Werde wohl noch ein paar Souvenirs kaufen müssen. Hatte vorhin noch mit dem Amerikaner, den ich in Tokio getroffen habe telefoniert. Möglicherweise kann ich die zwei Tage die ich nach Las Vegas in LA verbringe ... read more
Rodeo Drive
LA Police Department

Just a flying visit to LA. Stayed in Millenium Biltmore hotel. The reception is huge and very grand with artwork on ceilings and wood panelled walls. City centre seemed dead on first arrival but the shopping areas weren't too far away. Day 2 took a tour of Hollywood. Well worth doing if you have limited time and no transport. The tour included Hollywood bowl, Beverley Hills, Avenue of Stars, Sunset Boulevard and great views of LA. ... read more

part 1 - Los Angeles Flight to LA from Manila... leave Manila Fri 28 May 10pm - arrive La Fri 28 May 8pm... I TIME TRAVELLED!!!!! ;p on my flight to LA i felt as tho a major phase of my travels had come to an end - the Asia period. After spending 4mths in South East Asia, I was on my way to the heart of Western society! All I could think was "what will I eat there?" hehe... The plan was to meet my family on Sat 29 May (whenever that is), but due to a flight delay they didnt arrive until Sunday. At that stage I had no idea what day or time it was, I was really living in a dream zone - the time travel had really messed with my worldly ... read more
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under attack by American Psycho
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Breakfast this morning included a fresh fruit salad which was delicious and hamburgers and some sort of French toast which was disgusting. Andy said the burgers were nice but i didn’t fancy them. We were sorry to leave this hotel as it was our favourite so far. Drove into LA but had a panic on the way as we needed fuel and there were no gas stations on the interstate highway. Took a turn off and found ourselves driving through all the mansions in Beverley Hills which we would have enjoyed if we hadn’t been worrying about fuel. In the end we got directions to a gas station which was downhill so panic over. Caught up with a see the stars trolley bus so followed it. The houses were huge but you couldn’t really see much ... read more

July 19, 2010 Right now, I am sitting in starbucks with a gorgeous view of the ocean and some palms trees. I have laundry going, and am just sort of chilling. All this traveling makes one want to chill the f@#$ out! Unfortunately, for my mom, her vacation has just started and she is not nearly as wary as I am. My mom is off visiting Malibu today, I am chilling. My intentions were to go to Laguna beach, Newport beach, Redondo Beach, Manhattan Beach, and Hermosa beach….well those were intentions. Instead, after this blog post, I will be back to Venice beach taking a nap and waiting for my laundry to be finished. I do have big plans for later today though. Today is the LA premiere of the movie Salt with Angelina Jolie. I ... read more
View of LA and Smog
Los Angeles 015
Tom Hanks

We got up in the morning and had coffee with Jimin before heading out to the next destination. Zack had seen a special on the Food Network about Pink’s Hot Dog Stand years ago, and was delighted to learn that it was not that far from Koreatown. We decided to get one of these famous meat products, so we committed ourselves to standing in the 45-minute line. The wait wasn’t too bad, it was the deciding part that was tough. There are all kinds of specialty dogs, named after the people who have eaten them. Martha Stewart, Ozzie Osbourne, the Today Show, and Rosie O’Donnell, were just some of the options-some of them included multiple hot dogs. Zack got a bacon chili dog, I got a Chicago Polish Sausage. The food was good, not mind-blowing (it’s ... read more
i am not angry, it's just bright
Lake Isabella

Seembrerebbe che le star non amino farsi immortalare in stile casual; probabilmente perché, abituati come siamo a vederle perfette sul red carpet o sulle copertine dei giornali, tradirebbero la loro “normalità” se sorprese a vestirsi ed acconciarsi come normali massaie! Come se solo il trucco e lo stile facessero la bellezza: donne come Lindsay Lohan, Elisabetta Canalis, Sabrina A. Parisi e Victoria Beckam sarebbero belle lo stesso! Difatti proprio Lindsay Lohan, beccata recentemente al check-in dell’aeroporto di Los Angeles, si nasconde, apparentemente seccata, ai flash dei paparazzi, temendo per il proprio stile non proprio “cool”, ovvero completamente acqua e sapone! Cosa molto strana, se pensiamo che la Lohan non ha mai mancato di apparire sempre al massimo della sua bellezza anche in passeggiate pomeridiane.. che abbia preferito la... read more
Le Star Odiano Farsi Fotografare dai Paparazzi
Le Star odiano farsi fotografare dai paparazzi
Le Star odiano farsi fotografare dai paparazzi

Well, it had to be done at some point. Today was a mamoth day of much driving (thanks to my long-suffering friend). First we headed for Sunset Boulevard, and from there turned on to Beverly Hills. For a Brit, it's easy not to be impressed by Beverly Hills - it's essentially a pretty, green, overgrown spot. Then you remember that the rest of LA is dusty, yellowing scrubland and you realise that the verdant greenery is proof enough of wealth, and also serves to mask the buildings and the occupants' privacy. We passed the elite school for starlets' bratlings, which apparently safeguards their privacy. I find it quite sad that the actors/directors/whatever feel that their children can't live normal lives, but I'm told that, for the top celebrities, their childrens' baby photos are leaked to the ... read more
Sunset Views of the mountains
Bevery Hills
Bevery Hills street

Well the time to say goodbye to lala land and head to Desert country and Las Vegas. There's not much we can do until our transfer to the airport arrives, so we lunch in the hotel bar (I have a Tuna Melt - it was gross and Lynette has a cheeseburger and eats it with knife and fork - she's weird). Transfer arrives and we get to LAX in no time. Our African driver wants know if we have Holden's in Australia. I tell him yes and explain the big debate between Holden's & Fords - he can't get over we still have them. We are dropped off and check-in and are surprised (okay maybe not that surprised) that our bags have gained 5kgs in three days. it's not looking good for being under excess baggage ... read more
The Strip
M&M World

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