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Published: April 15th 2011
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Penny at Muscle BeachPenny at Muscle BeachPenny at Muscle Beach

Penny shows that NZers are tough and flexes her muscles at Muscle Beach.
Had a cool day. Don't ask what the taxi from Anahiem to the central city cost but we got a city tour and visited many of the sites all over the city and met a really nice taxi driver. We found our Hotel is a dollar bus-ride from Santa Monica Beach and Venis Beach. So we rocked on down to the surf and had a fun day people watching and flying the NZer Flag. Penny the Penguin had a fun time hanging out with the hunks from Muscle Beach. I would have taken my shirt off and joined them but Trish felt I could well have upstaged them. So being a polite New Zealander I just carried on quietly. Saw some amazing things and rode the Roller Coaster and Ferris Wheel. Second childhood I guess. Went mall walking and was blown away with some of the tasteful themed shops. There are some really clever people around. Buskers everywhere you look and some of them good and some of them thinly disguised homeless people trying to get money for their next fix of whatever. We saw musicians, snake chalmers, parrot trainers, robot man and a one-man band who was clever but aweful
Pump those MusclesPump those MusclesPump those Muscles

This guy was fascinated by the fact we were from NZ and was really keen to know about life there. He must be older than us and as you can tell he is in good shape.
at the same time.
Here are some of todays Penny Pics. Went out for tea and had traditional American food. An open Turkey sandwich and a Wrap and Fries. On the way home had a sad sight of a homeless guy buying alcohol at a 24/11. He was obviously out of it and absolutely stank. (literally dripping diarrhoea) I wonder what can be done as there were quite a few homeless people I saw today......He is somebodies son, somebodies brother. Very sad. I also saw what a traffic jam was like. An hour to do five miles on the bus. We are so lucky at home. Oh yes I would love to bring the weather home. Three days and shirt-sleeves all day and night. Pleasant and reliable temperature. I can't get used to tipping either, but waiters are so polite.

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Santa Minica PeerSanta Minica Peer
Santa Minica Peer

This is in front of Santa Monca Peer.It is a fun place full of buskers and carnival rides. Beautiful beach.
Robot manRobot man
Robot man

He made our day. He was soooo funny and friendly.
Boa SnakesBoa Snakes
Boa Snakes

These two snakes. Later these guys were moved on by the police as they had no licience.
Ballons Sales GirlBallons Sales Girl
Ballons Sales Girl

Watched this poor girl for an hour and she didn't sell one balloon. She did look a picture though with the ballons in the wind and pretty colours everywhere.

We had a lovely time with three parrots and a guy who was really enthusiastic about them.
Penny Gets FiredPenny Gets Fired
Penny Gets Fired

Big guns at the Beach.
Tasteful TouchTasteful Touch
Tasteful Touch

On the mall strip there were really really well presented little monuments and celebrations of good things along the way.
Attacked By DinoAttacked By Dino
Attacked By Dino

Watch out Penny
Mall WalkingMall Walking
Mall Walking

Beautiful Santa Monica Mall

17th April 2011

Los Angeles
Lol, glad to hear you decided not to shame the gym junkies in Muscle Beach with a display of Kiwi virility (lol)... Sounds like a great destination for entertainment-seekers. Shame about the ongoing homeless theme -- and to think many were probably functional before the GFC. Oh, and I like the foilage dinosaur, very creative.

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