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April 17th 2011
Published: April 17th 2011
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Vincent van GoughVincent van GoughVincent van Gough

This is a pic of the real Lillies Painting. Priceless. Beautiful
Well what a fantastic day. Heatwave for us poor NZ folk. Two bus rides and a tram ride later we were at the Getty Art Museum. We stood in front of Monet's, Van Gough's, Cezane's Rembrant's etc original paintings. We were able to get within a meter of them and even take photographs. The building itself was amazing. Huge scale, full of beautiful art and priceless objects. And it was all free!!
We rode the 2 buses home and took another 1 hour bus trip to the Famous Venis Beach. As we got closer the atmosphere changed from a happy friendly clean place to an angry, loud, dirty cinister place. When we got off the bus we were instantly caught up in a large tight crowd of people aggressively talking loudly with much swearing and swaggering. We were very much the minority age and colour wise. When we got to the beach front it was really grey with grime, rubbish and old tacky stalls everywhere. Loud gangster-rap coming different directions. We felt intimidated enough as it was. Then the next thing, two black teenage girls within a couple of meters of us started a fight (slapping shouting, hair-pulling) and their friends
The Getty CentreThe Getty CentreThe Getty Centre

The museum building was worth a visit for its own sake. Huge scale, beautiful..
moved in to help and the crowd started to make a circle. Everyone was shouting. We just escaped being caught up in the middle. The noise was deafening. That's when we turned tail and headed for the safety of the other end of the beach. We did stop to see four black Americans aged from 30 to 45 roller-skating to gangster rap doing these amazing moves, people doing tricks on bikes, Muscle Beach displays of strength and gymnastics as well the odd busker. We didn't feel safe enough to stop and take photos though. As we went the crowds changed from young and angry at Venis to family and festival at Sata Monica Beach. Best thing we saw were four break/hip hop dancers that were amazing, busking in the square.
I just can't believe loving parents would let their teen-age kids hang out un-supervised in a place like that.

Additional photos below
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My Favourite painting of the trip.
Huge VaseHuge Vase
Huge Vase

Scale is unreal
Car for PennyCar for Penny
Car for Penny

This guy was just posing.
Colourful BuskerColourful Busker
Colourful Busker

This guy shows a typical splash of colour we saw.
Favourite SculptureFavourite Sculpture
Favourite Sculpture

So much to see.

18th April 2011

Car for Penny?
We're enjoying following your blog :) It looks like you're having a great time. Still no photo of PP with Steve Jobs? Also - I'm hoping you mean the car is for Penny the Penguin... Claire, Phil and Penny
19th April 2011

I wonder whos writing the entries, dad, I like the creative spelling. Venice beach sounds curious, I'm pretty sure it was the set for Baz Lurhmans romeo and Juliet. But yeah would have been scary in that sort of atmosphere.
21st April 2011

car for Penny
Yeah Phil, I was confused for a second there too: which Penny gets the car :-)

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